MTG: Outlaws of Thunder Junction – Two Exclusive Card Previews

Get your first glimpse at TWO of the cards from MTG: Outlaws of Thunder Junction.
MTG: Outlaws of Thunder Junction

It’s time to saddle up, tip your cowboy hat and dodge those cacti – this town may not be big enough for the two of us, but it IS big enough for two brand new exclusive card reveals for the new Magic: The Gathering set, MTG: Outlaws of Thunder Junction.

The set is themed around the frontier, and is packed with lassos, crime (and punishment), and a selection of outlaws so fearsome that even the bravest sheriff might think twice. We’re heading west, finding a host of adventure amid the tumbleweeds and desert rocks.

With thanks to Wizards of the Coast, GamesHub has the privilege of revealing two intriguing cards from the new set: This Town Ain’t Big Enough and Lilah, Undefeated Slickshot.

This Town Ain’t Big Enough

MTG: Outlaws of Thunder Junction
Image: Wizards of the Coast / Andrew Mar

This Town Ain’t Big Enough is a five mana blue instant that can be effective both offensively and defensively, depending on when you choose to play it. Once played, the card allows you to select up to two nonland permanents in play and return them to the owner’s hands.

Critically, this doesn’t specify who these cards have to belong to – and that’s where the other effect of the card comes into play. If you elect to target at least one of your own cards to return to your hand, the cost of This Town Ain’t Big Enough is reduced to two mana blue – a solid reduction that’s well worth considering.

Check it out in full below:

MTG: Outlaws of Thunder Junction
Image: Wizards of the Coast / Andrew Mar

It’s certainly a handy card to have up your sleeve if you want to temporarily yoink out two of your opponent’s most powerful creatures for a bit, or to return a card to your hand that has a particularly significant effect that occurs when it enters the battlefield – giving yourself two shakes of the sauce bottle.

But it’s also an excellent opportunity for self-preservation if, for instance, someone plays a card that destroys all creatures – playing This Town Ain’t Big Enough at the right moment can enable you to return two of your own cards back to your hand, thus avoiding the effect. Flexibility is king.

Beyond how effective it is in play, can we also note how stunning the art is? All the cards in Outlaws of Thunder Junction look great, and given lassos are a staple for any Western-themed content, it’s especially appealing to see them illustrated in this zip-zappy lightning blue colour.

Secret Codeword: LASSO

Lilah, Undefeated Slickshot

MTG: Outlaws of Thunder Junction
Image: Wizards of the Coast / Andreas Zafiratos

Depicted slinging as elegantly and skilfully as a contemporary dance, Lilah, Undefeated Slickshot is a three mana blue and red 3/3 human rogue.

Presented below both in bordered and borderless form, Lilah, Undefeated Slickshot is a crafty little Spellslinger with the Prowess ability – whenever you cast a noncreature spell, she gets +1/+1 until the end of your turn. Remember this, because it’s about to get interesting.

Image: Wizards of the Coast / Andreas Zafiratos

Her second effect involves a new mechanic, introduced in the MTG: Outlaws of Thunder Junction set – Plotting. No, not the type that involves penning the next great novel. This is something new – and it’ll prove very interesting for players who enjoy a spell-heavy deck.

As written on the card, “Whenever you cast a multicoloured instant or sorcery spell from your hand, exile that spell instead of putting it into your graveyard as it resolves. If you do, it becomes plotted.

When cards become plotted, players are given the opportunity to cast them on a later turn, with absolutely no additional mana cost. So essentially, Lilah, Undefeated Slickshot grants you a two-for-one. And the best part? This in turn will trigger her Prowess ability for that turn, giving her an extra +1/+1 again.

On the one hand, your opponents will know a second crack of your spell is coming. But on the other hand, you’re getting a free double whammy that strengthens one of your creatures for a turn. Hard one to pass up!

Magic: The Gathering – Outlaws of Thunder Junction launches on 19 April 2024. Check out the Wizards of the Coast WPN store locator to find your nearest launch event for the upcoming set.

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