MTG: Universes Beyond – Fallout Exclusive Card Preview

The Securitron Squadron is a hefty card with some potentially heavy-hitting abilities.
securitron squadron mtg universes beyond fallout

MTG: Universes Beyond – Fallout is one of my most anticipated Magic: The Gathering sets this year, as a big enjoyer of Bethesda’s Fallout universe. This set transports a number of iconic heroes and villains from the Fallout universe onto your tabletop, with each card themed around the nuclear post-apocalypse.

Thanks to Wizards of the Coast, GamesHub has an exclusive card to reveal from the upcoming set – and folks, this one is a real doozy. Coming directly to you from the wasteland of the Mojave, we present: Securitron Squadron.

As you’ll note, the card can be collected in two treatments: a basic card, and a showcase Pip-Boy card. While the basic card shares more detail of card abilities, they’re functionally the same – and they both share scarily stackable abilities.

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You can cast Securitron Squadron onto the battlefield for a cost of 1+W – one white mana, plus one generic mana of any colour. So, a fairly low cost.

As or before it enters the battlefield, you may use the card’s Squad ability to summon multiple Securitron Squadron copies, as long as you can pay the Squad cost of 3 mana per copy. Once you pay the mana cost, you add a counter to the card to indicate how many copies you’ve created. And do note – you can summon as many copies as you have mana to pay for them.

There is an additional twist here, as when the card is in the battlefield and a new creature token is generated, you can add a +1/+1 counter to your Securitron Squadron card – and this effect applies to each “copy” of the card you’ve created. So as you’re summoning your robot army, each robot is also getting a +1/+1 boost to their strength and defence.

If you play the card and have 14 mana, for example, you’ll recruit four additional Securitron Squadron creatures, and they will gain +1/+1 for every new recruit, making them all 6/6 attack/defence in a single move. And then you have five creatures on the battlefield, all with strong attack power.

With the addition of the Vigilance ability, you also don’t need to tap these cards to attack, meaning you can attack and defend with them in the same turn.

I can see this card being an absolute menace on the battlefield, so it’s probably best to target it whenever it appears in rounds of gameplay. At 2/2, it’s easy to put away – but if those Squad abilities come into play, you’re likely in for a real dogfight.

MTG: Universes Beyond – Fallout is set to launch on 8 March 2024. As with other recent Magic: The Gathering releases, Wizards of the Coast will be hosting a range of pre-release events for the set, with plenty of celebrations happening locally in Australia and around the world. Find your nearest one via the WPN locator.

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