Kirby and the Forgotten Land is packed with secret rooms

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is filled with secret HAL Laboratory developer rooms. Here's how to find them.
kirby and the forgotten land hal secret rooms

Kirby and the Forgotten Land developer HAL Laboratory is known for having a bit of fun with its games – and the studio’s latest release is no exception. As in past Kirbay games, you can discover a number of fun easter eggs in Forgotten Land, many of which require some nifty, out-of-the-box thinking to uncover. There are multiple secret HAL developer rooms included in this game, for one thing, and you’ll certainly want to check out these unique areas for yourself.

Rather than requiring hidden codes or hacking to uncover, these murals can be discovered by using Kirby’s unique abilities in just the right spots.

Here’s how to find each hidden HAL developer room in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

How to find the hidden developer room in Rocky Rollin’ Road

kirby and the forgotten land hal rooms
Screenshot: YouTube / RetroArchive

To access the first secret HAL room in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, head to the end of the ‘Rocky Rollin’ Road‘ (1-3) stage equipped with the Ranger gun ability.

When you encounter the final cage, avoid it entirely and instead mount the three silver boxes on the right side of the area.

Aim and fire Kirby’s gun at the two roaming targets in the far distance beyond the fence, and you’ll unlock a series of stepping stones which will allow you to cross the chasm and enter the first HAL developer room.

Here, you’ll find a slippery slide, plenty of coins, and the iconic HAL logo.

How to find the HAL easter egg in The Wondaria Dream Parade

kirby and the forgotten land easter eggs
Screenshot: YouTube / RetroArchive

In The Wondaria Dream Parade (3-4), you can unlock a second HAL easter egg by completing the hidden Kirby car (Karby) race in 86 seconds. As long as you cross the finish line between the 86 and 87 second mark, you should unlock a special HAL platform filled with coins.

To get to the correct race track, you need to enter the red star doorway hidden in the ‘doughnut hole’ platform that’s encircled by a parade robot around halfway through the level. It’s not easy to miss, and you should be able to discover it during your regular playthrough.

No specific abilities are needed to unlock this easter egg as the Mouthful Mode car is waiting once you enter the arena. It will take some patience, however, as you do need to wait the full 86 seconds to unlock this egg.

How to unlock the developer room in Burning, Churning Power Plant

kirby and the forgotten land developer secret rooms
Screenshot: YouTube / RetroArchive

In Burning, Churning Power Plant (6-3) you can unlock a hidden ladder in the first part of the level that’ll send you straight into another secret HAL room.

To unlock this, complete the first part of the level by heading to the end of the first area, where walls attempt to crush you. Using your environment, get on top of these walls (there’s a breakable segment on the right wall towards the end), and head to a hidden room off to the left side. This is marked by a loose air vent and a purple glow.

Collect the coins and chest in this area, then head back to the very first part of the level (pictured above). There should now be a ladder waiting for you.

Climb this ladder and head along the beam, and you’ll enter the final HAL developer room, which contains a number of breakable boxes and a Mouthful Mode vending machine.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land really is a delightful game, and with so many hidden secrets in the game, there’s no doubt it will keep us all entertained for months to come. It’s unknown if there are more easter eggs lurking in the game but with HAL Laboratory, it’s almost a guarantee.

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