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freeplay awards 2024

The finalists for the Freeplay Awards 2024 have been revealed

The nominees for the annual Freeplay Awards include Stray Gods, Wayward Strand, Unpacking, and more.

Freya Mother God of War Ragnarok

She contains multitudes: exploring motherhood through games

Motherhood presents a mostly untapped opportunity for compelling video game storytelling. So where are all the video game mums?

wayward strand ghost pattern a maze award nomination

Wayward Strand nabs A MAZE. award nomination

The A MAZE. award nominations for 2023 have been revealed, with a range of arthouse and experimental games celebrated.

Achievement Design in Australian games Heavenly Bodies

The Philosophy of Achievement Design in Australian Games

Much has been said about the completionist drive of video game achievement hunters, but how do developers approach their implementation?

wayward strand ghost pattern a maze award nomination

Wayward Strand dev Goldie Bartlett shares her top games of 2022

Goldie Bartlett from Ghost Pattern, developer of Wayward Strand, shares some of her favourite games of 2022.

Emily Spindler's Top Games 2022 Game of the Year

Emily Spindler's top 10 games of 2022

GamesHub Staff Writer Emily Spindler shares her Top 10 games of the last twelve months.

The Best Games of 2022

The Best Video Games of 2022

From big PlayStation blockbusters to innovative indie games made by tiny teams, here are our picks for the 20 best…

Best Nintendo Games 2022

The best Nintendo games of 2022

Nintendo has had a frankly phenomenal 2022, with a range of brilliant adventures along the way.

Wayward Strand Cast announcement

How Wayward Strand became a quiet critique of capitalism

At PAX Aus 2022, the Ghost Pattern team discussed the feeling of spite, and how it can be motivational.

Wayward Strand Golden Joystick Awards

Wayward Strand, Cult of the Lamb nominated for Golden Joystick Awards

Two of Australia's best games from the past year have been nominated for 2022 Golden Joystick Awards. Here's how you…

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