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VicScreen launches Play Now Melbourne games market

Play Now Melbourne aims to connect local developers with international publishers.

VicScreen Game Development Interns for 2023
Education & Student News

VicScreen announces new game development interns for 2023

VicScreen has announced the two new participants for its Victorian Game Development Internship program in 2023.

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Victoria to spend $3.6 million on game development training

The state of Victoria, Australia has announced another boost in funding to the local games industry – this time in…

adgas australian game development awards 2023

VicScreen Originate Games applications are now open

Originate Games is a new program designed to support emerging game developers and fresh, original ideas.

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Victoria announces $5.25 million in new funding for local game industry

The Victorian state government has announced a significant mount of new funding for game development and culture in the state.


Victoria’s games industry continues to thrive, and other states must take note

Victoria’s strong game development scene is a testament to the incredible value of dedicated government funding for independent video games.

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VicScreen announces $40 million digital production fund

The new program will provide funding to fill critical skills gaps, and promote Victoria's local industry.


VICSCREEN to boost Victoria's screen industry with new $191 million strategy

Victoria’s screen industry, encompassing film, television and videogames, today received a large investment commitment as part of a four-year strategy…