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steam logo on background

Valve confirms ban on Steam games with copyright-infringing AI artwork

Valve has confirmed its stance of games using AI-generated artwork.

steam logo on background

Valve is seemingly banning Steam games with AI art

Developers attempting to submit games with AI-created artwork on Steam have spotted a new warning message.

blizzard ai tools

Blizzard has reportedly trained an AI generator for concept art

New internal tools are reportedly allowing Blizzard to generate concept artwork using AI.

strauss zelnick take two

Take-Two CEO says AI will never replace human genius

Strauss Zelnick has spoken about the potential of AI during a recent Take-Two earnings call.

apex legends ea

EA CEO says games industry will benefit greatly from AI

Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, has discussed the risks and rewards of AI in a company earnings briefing.

high on life

The UK Competition and Markets Authority is investigating AI

The investigation will examine the impact of AI on modern markets, and what risks are involved.

portopia serial murder case ai square enix

Square Enix AI-driven detective game receives 'Very Negative' backlash

The Portopia Serial Murder Case was designed to be a showcase for AI technology.

nvidia geforce

Nvidia slams cryptocurrency as useless to society

Nvidia's chief technology officer has called cryptocurrency useless to society, even though the company financially benefits from its products being…

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Ubisoft faces major backlash after announcing AI writing tool

Ubisoft Ghostwriter will reportedly aid narrative designers in creating 'first drafts' of dialogue.

xbox game pass high on life

High on Life uses AI art and voice acting

Developer Justin Roiland has detailed High on Life's use of AI artwork and voice acting in a new interview.

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