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elden ring pokemon scarlet

Elden Ring and Pokemon Scarlet combine in wild mod

Talented creator Arestame has developed a hybrid Elden Ring mod that introduces Pokemon to the Lands Between.

hitman 3 game changes world of assassination

Hitman 3 is being rebranded, players to get free DLC content

Hitman 3 will be known as Hitman World of Assassination from 26 January 2023.

gotham knights cover image humble bundle earthquake relief

The best deals from the Steam Winter Sale 2022

The latest Steam Winter Sale is now live, with plenty of great PC games heavily discounted.

wayward strand ghost pattern a maze award nomination

Wayward Strand dev Goldie Bartlett shares her top games of 2022

Goldie Bartlett from Ghost Pattern, developer of Wayward Strand, shares some of her favourite games of 2022.

Nicholas Kennedy Best of 2022 NORCO Game of the Year

Nicholas Kennedy's Top 3 Games of 2022

Games critic Nicholas Kennedy shares his personal picks for the Top 3 games of 2022.

Cult of the Lamb Best of 2022 Game of the Year

Cult of the Lamb developers share their favourite games of 2022

The team at Massive Monster, developers of Cult of the Lamb, share three of their favourite games from 2022.

Emily Spindler's Top Games 2022 Game of the Year

Emily Spindler's top 10 games of 2022

GamesHub Staff Writer Emily Spindler shares her Top 10 games of the last twelve months.

fallout 2 free games epic games store

Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics are free on the Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store is currently offering three video game classics for free.

David Wildgoose Best of 2022 Elden Ring

David Wildgoose on his Game of the Year for 2022: Elden Ring

Longtime games critic and journalist David Wildgoose reflects on his 2022 in video games. Well, one video game, really.

Tempopo Best of 2022 Screen Australia funding

Tempopo developer Sanatana Mishra's favourite games of 2022

Sanatana Mishra from Witch Beam, developers of Tempopo, Unpacking, and Assault Android Cactus, shares his three favourite games of 2022.

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