Emily Shiel

Emily Shiel is a freelance writer based in Melbourne, Australia who is passionate about all things accessibility, mental health and the indie games scene. You can find her on Twitter at @emi_shiel

Emily's Latest Articles

Rainbow High Runway Rush

Expanding the ‘girl game' genre with Rainbow High: Runway Rush

For the developers of Rainbow High: Runway Rush, 'girl games' aren't just for young girls anymore.

League of Geeks Solarium Infernum Jumplight Odyssey

League of Geeks talks Jumplight Odyssey, Solium Infernum, and learning as a studio

Director Trent Kusters talks about how the team has grown and changed since Armello.

Artwork courtesy of Awesome Black, and First Nations Creative Social Enterprise organisation.
Education & Student News

Best practices for hiring First Nations talent in games, according to Awesome Black

The social enterprise organisation lays out some sustainable hiring practices in regard to recruiting First Nations employees and partners.

Bratz: Flaunt Your Fashion and Bimbo Feminism
Opinions & Analysis

Bratz, 'Bimbo Feminism', and empowering girls with games

The return of Bratz video games is a welcome restoration of playful femininity and ambition, that caters to a young…

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly review

Hibiscus and Butterfly beautifully crafts empathetic storylines and personal connections that feel true to life.

The Videogame Industry Does Not Exist by Brendan Keogh / Red Desert Render by Ian MacLarty

The Videogame Industry Does Not Exist, says Brendan Keogh 

The Australian games researcher urges us to reconsider our understanding of the games industry landscape in his book.

The Last of Us American Dreams HBO

How The Last of Us comic 'American Dreams' enhances the show

There's more to the story of The Last of Us than what's seen in the games and HBO TV show.…

The Last of Us HBO Key Art
Opinions & Analysis

The Last of Us changed my expectations for game adaptations

HBO's The Last of Us is a massive success now, there was a time when there was good reason to…

ellie mother spin-off the last of us video game

The Last of Us Podcast recap – Episode 9 Finale

The final episode of The Last of Us Podcast for Season One dives into how the cast interpreted the intense…

The Last of Us Left Behind HBO

The Last of Us interview – Storm Reid talks Riley

Euphoria's Storm Reid discusses what attracted her to the role of Riley in The Last of Us, and how she…

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