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life by you the sims rival game

'Life by You' will feature full nudity, unlike The Sims

Life by You will reportedly free the nipple, due to European sensibilities around the human body.

nintendo switch online game boy advance gba games

Every Game Boy Advance game we want on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's launch lineup for Game Boy Advance games on Nintendo Switch Online is good – but it could be great.

sims 2 alien invasion theory
Opinions & Analysis

The Sims 2 hid a secret alien invasion beneath our noses

Playing through every game of The Sims 2 era reveals a dark plot about alien invasions and Sim replacements.

voxverse game will wright blockchain

New game from The Sims and SimCity creator will include US $1,300 NFTs

VoxVerse is a blockchain-based game that features integration with US $1,300 NFT characters.

the sims 4 behind the sims summit

Everything announced at Behind The Sims Summit

Here's everything announced during Behind The Sims Summit, a showcase for the future of the franchise.

strangerville sims pax aus

The biggest panels you should see at PAX Aus 2022

There's plenty of excellent panels happening at PAX Australia 2022. Here's a few highlights from GamesHub.

the sims ea maxis timeline

Explaining the wild and uncanny timeline of The Sims

While The Sims franchise includes standalone titles, its events happen on a set timeline.

high school the sims 4 expansion pack

The next major Sims 4 game expansion may have leaked

The Sims 4: High School could be the next major expansion pack coming to the beloved life simulator.

sims 2 tiktok
Opinions & Analysis

Why The Sims 2 is trending on TikTok, 18 years after release

The Sims 2 is experiencing a major revival on TikTok, despite the game barely being playable.

bella goth the sims 2 disappearance

Bella Goth's disappearance remains the biggest Sims mystery

Bella Goth disappeared from Pleasantview around 2004. While she's appeared since, questions linger about who the 'real' Bella is.

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