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private division project bloom game freak

Pokemon dev partners with Private Division on 'Project Bloom'

The mysterious action-adventure game seems to feature a warrior in a magical forest kingdom.

outer worlds private division take-two layoffs

Take-Two begins staff layoffs at Private Division

Private Division has reportedly been hit with major cuts, as Take-Two contends with economic downturn.

playstation plus essential games olliolli world

Take-Two and Private Division launch new game developer fund

The new fund aims to support small studios by providing mentorship and financing opportunities.

Rollerdrome PC game review

Rollerdrome review - Skate... or DIE

The slick, 1970s dystopian sci-fi stylings and relentless acrobatic gunplay of Rollerdrome is a brutal exercise in hard-fought satisfaction.

private division weta lord of the rings game

New Lord of the Rings game coming from Weta Workshop

The brand new game will be inspired by the literary universe of Tolkien, rather than the iconic films.

rollerdrome game preview

Rollerdrome preview – Slave to the nosegrind

Rollerdrome features vivid movement, complex mechanics, and a sense of fluidity that leaps off the screen.

rollerdrome game

Rollerdrome combines shooting and skating in style

Rollerdrome is a dystopian skater shooter where players combine fluid action with stylish tricks.

private division die gute fabrik

Private Division announces partnership with four indie studios

Private Division is branching out with four new publishing agreements.

playstation plus essential games olliolli world

OlliOlli World Review – What a wonderful world

OlliOlli World will steal your heart with its combo of colourful aesthetics, quirky characters and challenging platforming.

danny trejo olliolli world

Danny Trejo guest stars in OlliOlli World as a cool skater

Iconic actor Danny Trejo is joining the wholesome world of OlliOlli World as a rad guest skater.

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