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Apple Design Awards 2023

Apple Design Awards 2023 finalists include Marvel Snap, and more

The Apple Design Awards for 2023 include games like Marvel Snap, Resident Evil Village, Diablo Immortal, Knotwords, Hindsight, and more.

Marvel Snap Shuri Thanos Nerfs Patch

Marvel Snap patch nerfs dominating Thanos and Shuri decks

The Marvel Snap patch for March 2023 takes aim at the powerful cards making up a couple of infamously powerful…

marvel snap friend pvp mode 2023

Marvel Snap is getting friend PvP in January 2023

The friendly PVP mode will arrive in Marvel Snap as part of the latest game update.

Marvel Snap Patch Notes January 2023

Marvel Snap patch for January 2023 adds artist credits, nerfs popular cards

Important tweaks and changes are set to hit Marvel Snap in the latest game update.

marvel snap revenue downloads

Marvel Snap hits US $30 million from 14 million downloads

Marvel Snap has achieved several major milestones since it launched worldwide in October 2022.

Edmond Tran Top 10 Games 2022 Game of the Year Best of 2022

Edmond Tran's Top 10 Games of 2022

GamesHub Managing Editor Edmond Tran shares his personal list of the Top 10 video games of 2022.

The Best Games of 2022

The Best Video Games of 2022

From big PlayStation blockbusters to innovative indie games made by tiny teams, here are our picks for the 20 best…

Poinpy Best Mobile Games 2022

The best mobile games of 2022

Mobile gaming broke into the mainstream in 2022, with a range of smash hits leading the charge.

Marvel Snap Lamentis

New Marvel Snap location destroys your card deck

The newest location in Marvel Snap is yet another joyfully chaotic addition to the fast-paced card game from former Hearthstone…

Marvel Snap Collector's Tokens Update

Marvel Snap is changing how players earn cards

Marvel Snap is doing away with its booster upgrade system, and introducing a way to chase specific cards with 'Collector's…

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