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Australian Classification Board

starfield bethesda release date 2023

Starfield gets R18+ rating in Australia, thanks to drug use

Starfield isn't the first Bethesda title to face harsh criticism from the Australian Classification Board.

loot box australian government

Games with loot boxes could require R18+ rating in Australia

Australian MP Andrew Wilkie is looking to redefine loot boxes under Australian law.

inscryption game rating

Inscryption set for consoles, PS4 version rated in Australia

Inscryption may be set for a wider console release, should a recent Australian Classification Board rating be any indication.

blade runner enhanced edition

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition refused classification in Australia, NZ

A developer has confirmed the game is currently caught up in a classification nightmare.

loot box australian government

Australian government set to change loot box classification

A re-elected federal government would reportedly look to update Australia's classification code in future.

rimworld steam removed australia

RimWorld has been removed from Steam in Australia

The removal follows an apparent attempt to classify a console version of the game in Australia.

disco elysium lawsuit

Disco Elysium videogame ban overturned following Classification Board review

The game was refused classification in March 2021, but the decision was successfully challenged by Estonian developer ZA/UM.

Disco Elysium studio za/um conflict

Critically acclaimed videogame Disco Elysium refused classification in Australia

The lauded role-playing game, often praised for its genre-defying ideas, has had its upcoming re-release blocked by the Australian Classification…