The Sims 4 is getting new party and style kits

EA and Maxis have revealed new Kits for The Sims 4: Urban Homage, and Party Essentials.
party essentials kit sims 4

EA and Maxis have announced two new Kits for The Sims 4 designed to amp up the party vibes and style of your favourite Sims: the Urban Homage Kit, and the Party Essentials Kit.

Of the two, the Party Essentials Kit feels the most useful, as The Sims 4 still lacks hearty party supplies and decorations for hosting your Sim gatherings. Very recently, I was attempting to host a pool party at my own Sim house, and found a surprising lack of basic items – fun balloons, confetti, and other traditional party features.

That’s set to change, with the Party Essentials Kit introducing streamers, fog machines, a disco ball, and a bunch of other classic party supplies in multiple colours. The kit also includes more lights, wall-mounted speakers, glowing decorations, party boards, a glitter wall, and a variety of balloon arrays.

Beyond this Kit, the Urban Homage Kit also looks very glam. It’s inspired by 1990s and early 2000s vibes, and has been developed with Danielle “Ebonix” Udogaranya, a gaming content creator and DE&I advocate.

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As revealed, the Kit features graffiti-inspired clothing with bright patterns. There’s overalls in the kit, butterfly tops, new nails, patchy jeans, a wrap top, a new jacket combo, new rings, and some snazzy platformer boots.

“When I came up with Urban Homage, the pitch [to Maxis] was paying homage to the 80s, 90s, and 00s,” Ebonix said of the collection. “[The Kit] is inspired by the urban chic culture which highlights the innovation, diversity and vibrancy that city life fosters which I very much embrace as part of my day to day wears.”

“So with that said, I wanted to bring to life some timeless pieces that tap into eras that we draw inspiration from and are still the blueprint of fashion innovation to this day, with a variety of outfits that are dynamic and vibrant, traditional and contemporary, and rich with cultural trends!”

The Sims 4 Urban Homage Kit and Party Essentials Kit will launch together on 18 April 2024. You can learn more about the new inclusions on the official Sims 4 website.

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