Pokemon Go Pokestop added to Antarctica, thanks to Aussie scientists

A Pokestop has been added to Antarctica, thanks to multiple requests from Australians working in the region.
pokemon go pokestop

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has added a new virtual Pokestop location in Antarctica, following requests from Australian scientists working in the region. According to a story from Independent, Raimon Hennessy and Pete Rizzo, who both work at Davis Research Station in Antarctica, “missed being able to play their favourite game while working away on the isolated continent.”

Hennessey’s partner Alexandra had asked him to send postcards via Pokemon Go, to keep in touch while working at the base. However, Hennessey soon discovered there were no Pokestops within the base’s radius, meaning they couldn’t communicate via the app.

Alexandra then submitted a request via Reddit, sharing this complication, and it was later addressed by Niantic, with a new Pokestop added by the research station. A separate request had also reportedly been filed by Rizzo, which may have contributed to Niantic’s decision.

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“I enjoy going out for walks and capturing the landscapes with my camera, but I also enjoy playing other games on my computer when I get time. This lets me play games with mates back in Australia,” Hennessey said.

“My partner had asked a question on the official Reddit page – it was more of a shock when I found out our Doc, Rizzo, had requested a Pokestop too!” Hennessey told Independent. After realising they both shared a love for Pokemon Go, the pair began playing together, while also now being able to send letters to loved ones through the nearby Pokestop.

“I do share a few of the images from Pokemon to others who aren’t Pokemon players, but I have a few friends that love getting postcards from here,” Rizzo said.

As described, this Pokestop is “the most remote on Earth.” While there are other Pokestops in Antarctica, they are much further apart, and Rizzo and Hennessey are limited by a lack of robust Wi-Fi infrastructure. With the newly-placed Pokestop, they now have an easy, simple way to play Pokemon Go, and to keep in touch with their fellow players.

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