Nintendo Switch successor allegedly delayed to early 2025

Sources have alleged Nintendo is delaying the launch of the Nintendo Switch successor console.
nintendo switch successor

Multiple sources speaking to outlets including Bloomberg, VGC, and Eurogamer have alleged a minor delay for the upcoming Nintendo Switch successor console. While originally believed to be releasing in the Holiday 2024 period, sources allege Nintendo is now planning for a Q1 2025 release date.

The rumour reportedly comes from Nintendo itself, with multiple sources claiming the company is now telling publishers to expect the console in early 2025. Some sources believe this is so Nintendo can build out better first-party game support for the console, and ensure success on launch.

There’s reason to believe these reports, as certain publishers and third-party companies would likely need to know the console launch date to prepare for upcoming game releases. Should this information prove accurate, the reported delay is an intriguing one.

Missing out on the holiday period may mean a loss of potential sales for Nintendo, as consoles are generally big ticket items for Christmas, particularly for those with young children. That said, a new year is also a fresh start, so the alleged delay may help to inspire a year of dominance for Nintendo.

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In pushing the console back to 2025, Nintendo may also ride a more hopeful economic wave.

Late 2023 was a period of significant downturn, with high interest rates and cost of living pressures causing a squeeze on most individuals. There is hope the situation improves in 2024 – paving the way for a steadier 2025, hopefully one with fewer economic worries, and more expendable income.

Whatever the case, it’s clear Nintendo is working on something major over the next year. Those looking forward to the new Nintedno Switch might like to consider setting aside some savings now, to prepare for what’s on the way.

Realistically, the alleged delay is only a short one. The Nintendo Switch successor will still seemingly launch within the next financial year for Nintendo, and pave the way for a blockbuster leap in its overarching plans. Stay tuned for the latest rumours around the yet-to-be-revealed console.

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