No Man’s Sky developer reveals new game, Light No Fire

The game translates many of the ideas of No Man's Sky's ideas into a fantasy, procedurally-generated world.
Light No Fire

Sean Murray, co-founder and managing director of Hello Games (No Man’s Sky) took to the stage at The Game Awards 2023 to reveal the studio’s new game, Light No Fire. No platforms or release dates were announced.

Much like No Man’s Sky, Light No Fire is a multiplayer game set on a procedurally generated, fantasy earth. It features first and third-person perspectives, and mechanics such as town building, crafting, and resource gathering, as well as ground mounts and flying creatures (including a giant hummingbird and dragons).

Light No Fire also features fantasy combat, including swords, bows and arrows, and presumably mountated combat too. If you’ve played No Man’s Sky recently, a lot of the ideas and mechanics will be familiar to you – the game essentially looks like a more grounded, fantasy-fueled take the studio’s flagship title.

Murray expressed that he hoped the studio would be able to support Light No Fire for as long as they have No Man’s Sky, which has seen a significant number of updates since its initial release in 2016, including multiplayer, VR, and third-person support.

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