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Bioshock creator’s new game ‘Judas’ finally announced

Judas, the new game from Bioshock creator Ken Levine and his studio Ghost Story, was revealed with a gameplay trailer at The Game Awards 2022.
Judas Ken Levine Judas

The next game from Ken Levine, responsible for the creation of the Bioshock series, revealed his next game at The Game Awards 2022, created with his new studio Ghost Story Games. It’s called Judas.

The gameplay footage shown in the trailer is very reminiscent of the Bioshock series, featuring first-person shooting gameplay and a mix of supernatural powers. It’ll presumably have a strong narrative focus, as is typically the case with games designed by Ken Levine.

The official description for Judas reads as follows:

‘A disintegrating starship. A desperate escape plan. You are the mysterious and troubled Judas. Your only hope for survival is to make or break alliances with your worst enemies. Will you work together to fix what you broke – or will you leave it to burn?’

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At the beginning of 2022, a report from Bloomberg reported on the reportedly tumultuous development on the project we now know to be Judas. Development on the game supposedly began in 2013, shortly after the release of Bioshock Infinite, but suffered through ‘numerous reboots and changes in direction’, according to reporter Jason Schreier, who spoke to current and former employees of Ghost Story Games.

Levine’s creative process was cited as a key reason that drove several Ghost Story founders out of the company, with Levine’s ambition reaching far and above the feasible capabilities of the team.

Judas is slated for release on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. It currently has no release date.

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