Bugsnax card game announced on April Fools’ Day

Bugsnax: The Card Game invites players back to Snaktooth Island for more (horrifying) wholesome adventures.
bugsnax card game

Bugsnax is getting a card game adaptation – and while it was announced on April Fools’ Day 2024, it does appear to be very real. The project went live on Kickstarter over the Easter weekend, and quickly surpassed its goal, meaning Bugsnax: The Card Game will soon hit a tabletop near you.

The project is set to launch in July 2024 in digital format, and around August 2024 in physical format. Those keen to get a physical copy of the game will need to have it shipped to the United States (for now), but anyone around the world can purchase the printable version.

As revealed, Bugsnax: The Card Game allows players to return to Snaktooth Island to eat as many Bugsnax as possible. Players will pick their favourite Grumpus to embody, and then compete to be “the first to chow down on 6 points worth of Bugsnax.” On completion of this task, players will be crowned the “Snakmaster General.”

There’s 13 unique Grumpuses to choose from including Filbo, Beffica, Lizbert, and Snorpy, and there’s 40 classic Bugsnax to eat.

bugsnax card game
Image: Young Horses

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Each Grumpus has access to unique abilities and Trap cards, and you’ll need to wield these well to ensure you can grab your chosen snack. Some Bugsnax have their own abilities – such as flying – so you’ll need to think about your approach as you hunt down your next target. Each time you eat a Bugsnax, you’ll be able to draw another Grumpus card, adding to your flock and allowing you to develop new strategies for capturing your next meal.

For anyone who enjoyed Bugsnax and its unique flavour of cutesy body horror, this card game looks to be a neat adaptation of the action, with streamlined gameplay and light strategy elements.

Those keen to support the game during its initial crowfunding campaign can head to Kickstarter to learn more. As noted, the printable version of the gain is available internationally, while the physical game is only available to ship to the United States in this run.

Young Horses has confirmed the physical game will be available to purchase worldwide about a month after the initial Kickstarter copies are delivered – so stay tuned if you’re keen to purchase the physical version outside the United States.

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