Amazon’s Fallout TV series may already be renewed for Season 2

Fallout looks set to continue with a second season filmed in California.
fallout tv show review

Amazon Prime’s Fallout TV series is set to air later this week, but ahead of launch, there’s seemingly even better news for the adaptation. As reported by Variety, it appears Amazon is already gearing up for a second season of filming, having been awarded USD $25 million in tax credits to film in California, United States.

As detailed, these tax incentives are offered to productions that start filming in another state, to encourage them to find a new home and jobs in California. Shows which apply and take up these offers are given credit for expenditure, reducing budget requirements. Given the first season of Fallout reportedly cost around USD $153 million, any reduction will likely be appreciated.

While the awarding of tax incentives based on application does not guarantee that Fallout will continue beyond its first season, it does imply Amazon Prime has big plans for Fallout, and that it has at least planned for the future of the series.

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Based on reception to early trailers, there is plenty of positivity about the incoming Fallout series, and strong hope that it will be a worthy adaptation of the beloved video games. Should this reception extend to the full series, we anticipate that a public Season 2 renewal will arrive swiftly.

As Variety notes, there are certainly shows that have been granted tax incentives and then been withdrawn from programming plans, so Fallout‘s USD $25 million tax credit isn’t a guarantee of further Wasteland adventures – but it’s certainly a good sign.

Those looking forward to seeing more of Fallout won’t have to wait long. The show launches on Amazon Prime Video on 11 April 2024.

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