Redfall: 10 Tips and Tricks To Remember

In Redfall, it's dangerous to go alone. Take these handy tips with you on your journey.
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Redfall is a difficult game, particularly if you’re planning to go solo through its wild and twisting world. With dangerous forces mounting on all sides, and plenty of opportunities to fall victim to roaming vampires, crazed loyalists, and towering, god-like bosses, you’ll need to jump into the game with a head full of strategy, and eyes on a swivel. Keep your wits about you, and you just might survive on your own.

That said, if you want a leg up, it’s best to go in prepared.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re looking to re-strategise after a failed coup, check out these handy tips for making the most of your survival adventure. It’s harsh out in Redfall – and you’ll need every tool in your arsenal to save your town, and make it out alive.

1. Unlock fast travel points ASAP

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Throughout Redfall, you’ll find a variety of fast travel points – Safehouses and Historical Markers – that allow you to easily cross maps and reach your chosen goals. You’ll want to unlock fast travel points in each corner of your current map ASAP.

Clearing Safehouses or noting Historical Markets will save you a whole lot of bother, and allow you to easily teleport to the place nearest your current quest, or respawn at these locations when you die. If you don’t open up these locations, expect to be running through the same locales over and over again.

2. Constantly check for new skill points

Every time you level up, you’ll gain a new skill point to spend on your chosen character. These points are not obviously telegraphed by the game, so you should check into your main skills menu on a frequent basis, and ensure you’re topping up your abilities.

We recommend pursuing health-oriented skills first, as you’ll need these to survive your time in Redfall, then focus on one unique skillset. For example, as Jacob we focussed on boosting the raven’s attack capabilities, and found this to be very useful in a tight spot.

3. Pick up every item, and scrap it for cash

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As you stomp through vampire hordes, you’ll come across wayward weapons, blood remnants, and other collectables. You should pick up everything you come across. Your backpack space is very ample, you can immediately scrap your resources for cash – and you should.

Redfall is a difficult game, and supplies aren’t always in abundance. It’s likely you’ll find yourself scrounging for resources towards the latter half of the game, so it’s best to come in prepared by grabbing everything you see – including toilet paper, which is a very valuable resource – and selling it for cash immediately.

That said, keep an eye on the weapons you come across. Redfall is packed with weapons that scale meaningfully as you level up – so you should swap out your rig often, and sell your older equipment when you need the money for ammunition or health packs.

4. Ration your supplies

As mentioned, you’ll often need cash in Redfall – and without it, it’s very tough to survive the vampire hordes. To best prepare yourself, you should ration out your ammunition and health packs – for example, by using melee in combat where possible, and scavenging for food scraps instead of wasting expensive health packs.

Start this process early, and you’ll have a much better ride through Redfall.

5. Always carry a lock pick, and a rewire kit

You can carry a number of resources through Redfall, with each serving a purpose in various quests. The most important items to keep on you at all times are a lock pick, and a rewire kit – as they can open up access to certain houses, and make quests much easier.

Sometimes, you genuinely need a lockpick to overcome a quest line, and it’s a pain to head back to your home base, purchase one, and then run all the way back to your location. Come in prepared, and you’ll be able to breeze through your next mission.

As an aside, it’s also best not to waste your final lockpick or rewire kit on a small safe, or another insignificant unlockable. Keep them by your side, and only use them for emergencies.

6. Keep your stake weapon easily accessible

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You can equip up to three weapons in Redfall, and change up your chosen attack on the fly. But while you can use sniper rifles and handguns to make a mark on the vampire hordes, you can only truly kill them with a stake weapon, ie. an assault rifle, or another heavy-attack equivalent.

You should memorise where this stake weapon is on your wheel – because if you fumble when it’s needed, your enemy vampire will regenerate very quickly. Know how many button presses it will take to grab your stake, and always keep an eye on your opponent.

If you find the right weapons, you can have multiple stakes in your wheel – but given a combination of short and long-range weapons works best, you’ll need to be vigilant with your attacks.

7. If you’re struggling, hide in a hole

Vampires in Redfall have fairly limited movement, and they’re easily confused. For example, if you duck down inside a hole or manage to hide between close-together trees, a vampire’s claws will not be able to reach you. For enemies – and even bosses – you should preference hiding when you’re weak. While it may be an exploit, any hole or thin gap will completely boggle vampires, and you’ll be able to take time to recuperate or bump up your health.

If you’re dealing with a Siphon vampire, the strategy is slightly different. In this case, hide behind a tree. You’ll break their line of sight for siphoning, and be able to re-strategise.

On a similar note, if you’re struggling with any of the game’s main bosses – also hide behind a tree or rock. It seems some vampires sacrifice brain cells for strength and power.

8. Battle progress carries over, even in single player

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When you die, vampires you’ve fought retain their health loss – minus The Rook, and major bosses. So if you’re struggling with a skirmish, you can actually get away with running in, chipping away at enemy health, dying, and then returning to try again. Each time, you’ll make a little bit more progress.

This is particularly helpful as a solo player, as you’ll be able to advance questlines even if the game’s difficulty proves too overwhelming. You will lose cash every time you die, but that shouldn’t matter too much if you’re constantly scrapping your items, and collecting everything in sight.

9. Visit Vampire Nests when you’re low on resources

When you’re low on resources and cash, you should head to any of the game’s main Vampire Nests. While they do contain powerful vampires, they’re worth stomping through, as you can grab plenty of resources inside these realms.

Rather than steaming through the vampires and exiting the Nest straight away after a collapse, spend time smashing your way through heart containers. Inside each, you’ll find bags full of ammo, health, and weapons, which you can grab to scrap or use. It’s a quick, easy way to boost your stock, and avoid running out of goods.

10. Finish every quest, if you can

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Skill points are hard to come by in Redfall – so you’ll want to earn them by diving into each of the game’s main quests and side quests. While that may test the patience of your multiplayer team, there is a ‘point of no return’ on the main map – and if you move on without completing every quest, you’ll sacrifice experience points that are necessary to smoothen your ride through later game missions.

Make sure you’re bulking up your skills and experience at every turn, and be patient in your approach to questing.

Redfall launches for Xbox Series X/S and Windows PC on 2 May 2023.

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