Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion Mode – Klues Guide – Season 1 Klue Solutions

The Invasion mode in Mortal Kombat 1 is where the bulk of the game's secrets are hidden. If you need help with the clues, read on.

Invasion mode in Mortal Kombat 1 is the game’s seasonal single-player mode, full of pretty stages to explore, more modified fights than you could ever want, and plenty of character cosmetics to earn and unlock. It also has secrets, as Mortal Kombat games always tend to do.

Please note: As of 9 November 2023, Season 1 of the Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion mode has now ended. Season 2, the Season of Blood, is now underway.

For guidance on the Klues for Season 2, please visit our Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion Mode – Season 2 Klues Guide.

In every stage of Invasion, there will be certain fight encounter nodes that lead to chests, but the path will be blocked by an obstruction. the only way to remove that obstruction is to try to decipher and solve the clue associated with the encounter.

These clues will give you a hint for what you need to do during the fight to unlock the path. They’re all cryptic to some degree, and many clues are anagrams you need to decipher first. If you’re having trouble, this guide should point you in the right direction.

Fengjing Village – ESDORYT TEH DWLOR

This node, called “Damn Sand” is located roughly midway through the Fengjian Village stage, and involves a fight with Geras.

The clue, “ESDORYT TEH DWLOR,” is an anagram that translates to “DESTROY THE WORLD“.

This means to break open the barricade, you’ll need to enter the fight with Geras with Cyrax equipped as a Kameo. Once you win the fight, you need to use Cyrax’s Fatality (Back, Forward, Back + Assist Button [R1 or RB]), in which he unleashes several bombs from his chest and blows up the opponent, and then the entire world.

Sun Do Festival – AMNISLTA4

This node, called “Broken”, is a fight with Reiko situated near the end of the Sun Do Festival stage.

The number 4 in “AMNISLTA4” might make this one a little confusing – but it translates to “TALISMAN 4

What this means is that you’ll need to equip a Talisman with at least four gem slots, and then use that talisman at least 4 times during the fight against Reiko.

Sun Do Festival – Toasty!!!

This reference to one of the oldest secrets in Mortal Kombat is located about midway through the stage. The node is called “Pure Chaos” and it’s a fight with Havik.

The clue, “Toasty!!!” simply refers to the Fatality of Scorpion (Kameo Version), where he pulls off his mask to reveal a skull, which breathes fire and incinerates the opponent.

Simply equip Scorpion as your Kameo, and perform the Fatality when you defeat Havik. (Mid Screen: Forward, Down, Forward + Assist Button [R1 or RB])

Tarkatan Colony – DEDAERHT

This one is located midway through the Tarkatan Village Stage, on a node called “Infected”. It involves a fight with Baraka.

“DADAERHT” unjumbles to spell “THREADED“. This is the name of Ashrah’s Second Fatality.

To overcome the barrier, you need to defeat Baraka as Ashrah, and perform her “Threaded” Fatality.

This can be a tricky one to work out on your own if you don’t play Ashrah at all, particularly because her second Fatality won’t be listed in your moveset just yet if you haven’t unlocked it as part of her Character Mastery progression tree. Thankfully, you can still perform it without having unlocked it.

Ashrah’s second Fatality, “Threaded”, is performed by inputting the following mid-screen: Down, Down, Back + (Circle or B)

Tarkatan Colony – Flipping Out

This clue is also in the midst of the stage, situated on a node called “Screech” that houses a fight with Sindel.

Flipping Out, in this particular case, refers to your fighter’s stance. To break the barrier, you need to switch stances several times during the fight with Sindel.

To switch stances, use the L2 or LT button.

It’s unclear how many times you need to actually change stances during the fight to meet the condition, but we did so at least 25 times to open up the pathway – mostly by mashing the stance button during the ‘Finish Her’ phase.

Shang Tsung’s Laboratory – Another Test Subject

This clue is located on one of the second (or third?) floors of the laboratory, on a node called “Frisky” that houses a fight with Kitana.

Unfortunately, it’s one that requires you to play as Shang Tsung – who was a pre-order exclusive character. So if you didn’t pre-order Mortal Kombat 1, this one will be locked away until NetherRealm and Warner Bros. Games provide another way to unlock the character. Don’t you love it?

“Another Test Subject” refers to Shang Tsung’s second Fatality, which will be obscured unless you’ve unlocked it as part of his character mastery. You’ll need to perform the Fatality on Kitana to clear the way.

Thankfully, you can still perform it without having unlocked it, here’s how:

Shang Tsung’s second Fatality, “Another Test Subject”, is performed by inputting the following mid-screen: Forward, Down, Back + (Triangle or Y)

Shang Tsung’s Laboratory – Brutal Ways

This node is located on the first floor of the lab, is called “Chomp Chomp Hiss”, and involves a fight with Reptile.

Truth be told, we completed this node and found ourselves able to walk right through the barricade without the breaking animation playing at all.

The name of the node would seem to suggest performing a Brutality on Reptile to finish the fight, though a few other sources around the web suggest that perhaps you need to complete the fight with Havik and perform his fatality.

If either of these methods work for you (or if you’re running into the bug too) let us know by tweeting @GamesHubDotCom.

Living Forest – ERTECA AOSCH

This one is located just before you reach the final area of the Living Forest, in a fight with Raiden called “Direct Current”.

“ERTECA AOSCH” is an anagram for “CREATE CHAOS”.

And when Mortal Kombat 1 talks about Chaos it’s usually referring to Havik, who is about as chaotic as you can get – using your own organs as weapons?! Gross.

To overcome the barrier, you’ll need to play as Havik and perform his Fatality on Raiden.

Havik’s Fatality, “Atomic Heart”, can be performed with the following inputs: (While up Close: Down, Forward, Down + [Circle or B])

Living Forest – NOMED RENNI

Okay, we’ll be honest here. We actually blew right by this clue node and didn’t even realise until we got to the dead end and opened the special chest. Bug or good luck? You decide! If this happened to you as well (or if NetherRealm fixes it) let us know by tweeting at us: @GamesHubDotCom

The node in question is called “Counting Time” and features a fight with Geras.

“NOMED RENNI” is likely supposed to be “INNER DEMON” spelled backwards. This most likely refers to the Fatality of the same name, which belongs to Kameo character Sareena. The intention was likely for you to perform Sareena’s Fatality on Geras.

Sareena’s Fatality, “Inner Demon”, is performed with the following button combination: (Mid-Screen: Back, Down, Down + [R1 or RB])

Living Forest – QUACKX10

This one’s a funny one – it takes place on a node where you fight Liu Kang called “Still Learning”

“QUACKX10” refers to quacking, like a duck – at least, we think so – 10 times.

All you have to do to destroy the barrier is taunt during the match at least 10 times.

Thankfully, it’s okay if the taunt is interrupted – you just need to activate it 10 times, not see it play through 10 times. Which is fair, because if I was Liu Kang I’d be wanting to punch me for taunting so much too.

Fire Temple – KCIRT TAH

Halfway through the Fire Temple, you’ll stumble upon the “Risen” node, which features a fight with Nitara.

This clue is another simple backwards translation: “KCIRT TAH” backwards is “HAT TRICK”

And who has the best hat in Mortal Kombat 1? Well, there are actually a bunch of cool hats on the Mortal Kombat roster, but this particular clue of course refers to Kung Lao.

But which Kung Lao I hear you say? Surprise, you need the Kameo version! Not the player character version.

To break through the barrier, simply use the Kameo version of Kung Lao to win the fight and perform his Fatality.

Kameo Kung Lao’s Fatality, “Klean Kut”, is performed with the following button combo: (While up Close: Forward, Back Forward + [R1 or RB])

Fire Temple – Use the element that brings life

This final node, called “Fainting” is situated close to the end of the stage. It’s a fight with Li Mei.

If you didn’t already guess, the clue is referring to using water to defeat your opponent. And who has the greatest command of water in Mortal Kombat 1? Why, it’s Rain, of course.

To break open the barrier, simply defeat Li Mei with Rain, and perform his Fatality.

You can perform Rain’s Fatality, “The Red Sea”, with the following inputs: (While up Close: Down, Down, Back + [Circle or B])

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