Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – How to unlock Dondoko Island

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth contains an entire island management mini-game within its story – but you'll have to work to unlock it.
like a dragon infinite wealth dondoko island

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is a vast game hiding plenty of secrets – one of which is an entire island management mini-game that plays out a lot like Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Dondoko Island Resort plays a relatively minor part in the Infinite Wealth narrative, but it’s a realm with plenty of reward, so it’s well worth taking the time to experience everything it has to offer.

While you may be aware of Dondoko Island, thanks to a lively marketing campaign by RGG Studio, what you may not realise is you have to earn your way into this island paradise. While some may be keen to jump in right away, Dondoko is not immediately available.

Here’s how to access Dondoko Island in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Note: Incredibly light spoilers for Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth follow.

To access Dondoko Island, you’ll need to play through the main game until you hit a certain point in the story. The island will only appear after Chapter 6: Puppet On a String, and will begin after a cutscene where a group of men attempt to steal a giant turtle from the beach in Hawaii.

After this event kicks off, game protagonist Ichiban Kasuga steps in to defend the turtle, and is accidentally knocked out by one of Dondoko’s friendly mascots. With seemingly little other option, the mascot drags Kasuga to Dondoko Island, where he’s immediately introduced to the island’s staff, and takes on a role as its caretaker.

like a dragon dondoko island how to unlock
Image: RGG Studio

For GamesHub, these events kicked off around the 12 hour mark, although this will depend on how you choose to spend your time in the game. We expect Dondoko will become available anywhere between 10-15 hours into gameplay, variable based on player investment in mini-games and side quests.

Once you unlock Dondoko Island, you’ll need to devote time to cleaning up its beachside locales before you can continue with the main story of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – but we recommend taking your time even after you complete this task.

While the Dondoko Island management simulator seems like a separate mode with few consequences for gameplay beyond the island, you can actually make a lot of in-game cash by building up Dondoko and ensuring your guests are satisfied with their stay. This can then be invested into in-game items, including essential healing items.

Once you unlock Dondoko Island, the world is your oyster. Take your time building up your island supplies, clear out nearby areas, invite in guests, and you’ll quickly become the proud owner of a bustling, money-making resort town.

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