Fae Farm Tips and Beginner’s Guide

Fae Farm is filled with traps for beginner players. Here's how to best navigate the early stages of the game.
fae farm beginner's tips guide

Fae Farm is a lively and colour farming-adventure simulator with plenty of crops to plant, animals to befriend, mines to dredge, and friendships to uncover. But while it’s easily accessible for players of all ages, it also hides many of its secrets. To unlock better tools and advance the main plot, you’ll need to puzzle your way through a variety of intricate mechanics, and discover new tricks for looking after your farm.

While you can certainly make your way through the game at your own pace, discovering every mystery mechanic under your own steam, there are plenty of tips we can provide to ensure your time in Fae Farm is as stress-free as possible. If you’re looking for the best experience, here are a few essential beginner’s tips to get you going.

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Keep 10 of every item you find

As you romp through Fae Farm, you’ll discover a range of unique items, from crops, to gemstones, to ores. What the game doesn’t tell you early on is that most of these ingredients will come in handy in later parts of the game – so you should refrain from selling everything you own, even if you want to horde cash for tool upgrades or seed purchases.

Keep at least 10 units of every unique item you discover, and you’ll be able to solve a bunch of essential story quests with ease. In the early stages of the game, we’d highly recommend keeping all discovered ore, and items like topaz, peridot, aquamarine, citrine, sand, sand dollars, coral, and silt. All play a part in quests – and you’ll appreciate having a stockpile. Trust us.

Unlock fast travel points as soon as possible

fae farm beginner's tips guide
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In Fae Farm, you can travel a vast open world, home to several themed biomes. In the early stages of the game, you’ll need to run between these gathering items – and it takes a good long while to flit between realms. To avoid frustration, you should unlock the game’s fast travel mechanics as soon as possible.

In your travels, you’ll find special pedestals throughout the world of Azoria, with each demanding a unique Seal. These can be crafted using the Seal Crafting Station (unlocked in the early game chapters, and craftable via the main farm patch) – and you should make extra effort to craft the right seals before you think about plundering endless dungeons.

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Grab the materials that you need for the Seal in your current region, and for the Seal on your home ranch, and place these as soon as possible. You’ll save yourself a whole bunch of time, and reduce some of the frustration of revisiting dungeons.

Don’t try to ‘brute force’ your way through dungeons

There are two ways you can explore dungeons in Fae Farm: by tackling each level in a dungeon, hoping your stamina and health keep up as you head to the bottom, or by ‘saving’ your place on each floor by placing a level Seal as you enter. These Seals will allow you to travel to any floor – but they must be placed in strict descending order.

Realistically, it’s not feasible to stomp through every dungeon and make it to the bottom in a single go. Your stamina and health aren’t built for it. Rather, the best use of your time is to gather the required Seal ingredients on every floor, and then craft as many Seals as you possibly can, to steadily advance your progress.

fae farm game tips
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Typically, you will need six Seals of every kind in your journey, with ingredients for Seals on lower floors behind hidden away in more dangerous, lower floors. The best way to tackle this challenge is to collect enough ingredients for six Seals (which can save you about four floors) – then head out of the dungeon, craft new Seals, and then head back in for more.

Eventually, you will reach the bottom.

Also important to note is that when you access the fast travel system in each dungeon, the items on each floor are detailed, based on spread. If you’re looking for a particular item, note the chance of discovery listed.

Don’t rush romances

fae farm romance dating
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In Fae Farm, you’ll have a range of romance options, with many NPCs offering special romance quests. You can tackle multiple romances at once, and as you complete each quest, your relationship with your beau will change. Eventually, however, you will need to make a firm choice for engagement and marriage.

Keep an eye on romance quests, and take your time with them. They aren’t particularly challenging, and mostly revolve around collecting items – so you can complete them at any time, and still wind up with a loving spouse by the end of the game. Take your time with your pick. There are plenty of eligible, loveable partners in the game.

As you meet new people, you’ll have the chance to go on a variety of fresh dates, each revealing more about your new pal, and about the history of the game’s Azoria setting.

Visit Cinder, Mel or Eddy for tool changes

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One quirk of Fae Farm is that you can often miss essential game mechanics if you skip over dialogue. It’s in conversation that you’ll learn more about the game’s main features – and where you learn that tool upgrades are shared between villagers Cinder, Mel, and Eddy.

As you progress in Fae Farm, you’ll need to gather more powerful tools to nab better items, survive dungeons longer, and ensure your crops are hearty. Most tool upgrades are delivered by Cinder (found near the Docks) and require ample cash, and ores to forge.

But if you’re looking at getting your fishing rod upgraded, you’ll need to head to Eddy in Stay-A-While Bay. If you need your net upgraded, you should visit Mel the Beekeeper in West Town. Keep this in mind if you get stuck.

Pace yourself while pursuing quests

Minor spoiler for Fae Farm: the game is massive. While it seems at first that the town of Azoria is relatively small, and that you have a surmountable task ahead, there are actually multiple hidden biomes and several major dungeons to conquer.

You don’t want to get ahead of yourself and start spending cash or crafting furniture like you’ve got a tiny lifeline ahead of you. Plan for the future. Once you achieve your first major goal of hitting Level 25 in the Saltwater Mines, know this is only the beginning.

You’ll want to prepare well for the challenges ahead, keep an eye on your cash, and pace yourself as you conquer a fairly large story.

Stock up on meals or potions before entering dungeons

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As mentioned, the dungeons of Fae Farm are robust places, with several floors of enemies to conquer. In the Saltwater Mines, you’ll likely get by without the need for special potions and healthy meals – but as you travel to other dungeons, they quickly become essential.

Before you plan your latest trip into the dungeons, you’ll want to visit the potion shop near East Town. Here, you can gather potions that’ll boost your health capacity, and help you conquer new floors as you discover them.

If you’re running low on cash, or you need a simpler solution, you can also plant seeds, grow vegetables, and then use the craftable Food Prep Table and/or Cooking Fire to create edible meals that provide similar benefits for health and stamina.

You’ll need to visit and revisit dungeons constantly to gather essential items – so plan ahead for trouble.

Magical creatures aren’t essential – but they are cute

Here’s a strange thing about Fae Farm: while you can spend your time raising and rearing magical creatures that produce special ingredients like eggs, wool, and milk, you don’t really need to spend much time looking after them. In their initial days on your farm, you can pet, clean, and feed these creatures to ensure they’re satisfied and producing items, but they don’t need rigorous care, and will typically look after themselves.

You will need to nab at least one of each magical creature for the ingredients they produce – and they can also aid cash flow on your farm – but once you’ve got what you need from them, don’t stress too much about keeping them happy on a daily basis.

Flowers are handy crops to grow

fae farm flower crops
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When you begin the game, you’ll want to establish Soil Beds early on. These will allow you to grow a variety of crops, and then profit from selling those goods. As soon as you unlock the Flower Soil Bed, you should plant as many flowers as you can.

These serve as regenerative goods that you can constantly pluck and sell for a solid source of income. You won’t get a lot from flowers, but they’ll reappear on a frequent basis, making them a reliable and renewable resource.

Everything will unlock eventually

This tip is really all about patience. In Fae Farm, you’ll often come across mystery items – and while it’s easy to panic about finding them quickly, know that everything will be revealed eventually. If you need an item for a quest, you’ll be able to find it in the world somewhere. Usually, that means travelling further into the lower reaches of dungeons, exploring the open world, or talking to the right character for clues.

Every item will turn up eventually, you just need to keep an eye out, use your logic, or wait until it presents itself. Keep advancing the plot, taking on quests, and tackling new dungeon levels, and you’ll eventually find what you’re looking for.

Fae Farm launches for Nintendo Switch and PC on 8 September 2023.

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