Sonic Frontiers: How to defeat Giganto, the First Titan

The first major boss of Sonic Frontiers is a real whopper – and you may have trouble keeping it down.
sonic frontiers giganto boss fight

Sonic Frontiers holds back no punches, with even the very first Titan boss fight against Giganto being a real pain in the arse. No matter what difficulty you play the game on, it’s likely you’ll have trouble putting away this towering beast. On top of having a massive health meter, the Giganto boss fight is also timed, meaning you have limited scope to make your mark.

If you’re struggling and need some help, here are some tips to help you along the way.

Don’t make a beeline for Giganto

Sonic Frontiers is a game all about exploring. Before you romp through the game’s main plot and wind up in an unwinnable situation – you can’t easily back out of the Giganto boss fight once you’re in it – make sure you take time to smell the roses.

Explore every corner of the Kronos Island map. Run around collecting Memory Tokens, discovering the secrets of each puzzle installation, and finding as many Koco creatures as possible. When you get the chance, bring your findings to the Elder Kocos, and unlock new strength, speed and attack potential.

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You’ll need all the strength you can get to face off against Giganto.

If you’re looking to have the best chance against the beast, explore far and wide – and make sure you redeem all your collectables with your Koco buddies. They’ll help power you up, and give you a fighting chance.

Importantly: you should also go into the fight with as many rings as possible.

For reference, the Sonic Frontiers Giganto boss fight begins right after the ‘A Grave Mystery‘ quest. Hold off on completing this puzzle to really gear yourself up before you head into battle.

How to easily beat Giganto, the First Titan

sonic frontiers giganto first titan
Screenshot: GamesHub

To kick off the Giganto boss fight, you’ll need to climb along the Titan’s spindly legs and back, eventually arriving at its head – where a Chaos Emerald lies. Make your way up slowly, being wary that Sonic can easily slip off, and initiate the fight’s opening cutscene.

Here, you’ll unlock the Super Sonic form for the first time, and enter into a frantic, timed boss fight. If you go in with minimum rings at your disposal, there are only 99 seconds on the clock – and you need to defeat Giganto within this time frame. As you’ll soon discover, it’s a very tight race, but there is a trick to winning it.

The first thing you need to know – something the game doesn’t tell you – is that hitting the First Titan by spamming the attack button is useless. You’ll only chip away at Giganto’s health bar very slowly, and the timer bar will quickly run out.

The trick is not to attack the Titan at all. Instead, you’ll want to fly full speed at it, and wait within range and height of its sweeping arms (as pictured above). When you get to this position, hold the parry buttons (on PlayStation 5, this is L1 + R1). You don’t need to time this, just hover and hold the buttons.

When Giganto sweeps its arms out, you’ll automatically parry this attack – and the Titan will stagger. A button prompt will pop up (on PlayStation 5, this was Triangle and Circle) and you’ll need to hit these buttons to initiate an all-powerful counterattack.

There’ll be a brief moment of quiet as you ready yourself again, and then you’ll need to repeat this process – as swiftly as humanly possible. You’ll want to whittle down the Titan’s health and initiate its second form with around 60-65 seconds still left on the clock if you’re stuck with that pesky 99 ring timer.

Yes, that means you should be able to halve its health in around 30 seconds, max.

giganto sonic frontiers
The First Titan’s second form. Screenshot: GamesHub

Luckily, the Titan’s second form is just more of the same – with an added twist. On top of initiating the parry-counterattack flow, you’ll also need to contend with Giganto’s laser beam attack. This fires out when the monster gears up to attack, and requires button mashing to overcome (on PlayStation 5, this was hitting the Square button repeatedly). Luckily, this is just a simple Quick Time Event (QTE) and can always be avoided.

Get through the laser attacks, and you can go ahead and repeat the parry-counterattack cycle. Get near the Titan’s sweeping arms, and hold parry to chip away at its health.

Even on easy mode, this fight is difficult – and you’ll need to re-climb the Titan every time you die. Stay patient, watch for his sweeps, hold that parry combo for dear life – and you’ll just escape with your life. You can win this way even if you end up stuck in the fight while severely under-levelled – but it’s best to come in prepared, and keep an eye on those pesky arms.

Any falter can result in instant death. But with some luck, and a hefty amount of skill, you can put Giganto away for good.

Sonic Frontiers is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC and Nintendo Switch.

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