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go-go town queensland video games prideful sloth

Queensland has become a thriving hub for video game developers

Queensland is emerging as a powerhouse of Australia's local video game development scene.

GDC 2024 Fruitbus

14 stunning games from GDC 2024 that caught our eye

These were the exciting games from GDC that made us look forward to what's coming up soon.

Lunacid Key Art

The 5 best indie games of 2023 you definitely didn’t play

A year full of exceptional video game releases also comes with an absolute wealth of hidden indie game gems.

solium infernum league of geeks gameplay strategy

9 Demos You Should Check Out During Steam Next Fest

Steam Next Fest is now live, with an array of game demos playable until 16 October.

unity layoffs

Unity attempts to clarify controversial new runtime fee policy

Unity has attempted to clarify its new runtime fee policy, after loud backlash from game developers.

id@xbox game showcase

ID@Xbox game showcase set for July 2023

The ID@Xbox showcase will feature new and upcoming indie games, as well as demos and other reveals.

Cult of the Lamb massive monster gaming arcade

Unity report reveals game developers are becoming more efficient

A new report from Unity has revealed surprising trends in global game development.

klifur game

You need to play Klifur, the wacky rock climbing game

Klifur uses wacky physics to create minimalist puzzles filled with flailing limbs.

abortion rights indie game bundle
News game bundle for abortion funds smashes charity goal

The bundle contains over 750 indie games, including tabletop RPGs and experimental projects.

frogun indie game trailers summer game fest

7 underrated game trailers from Summer Game Fest

Summer Game Fest introduced a number of excellent indie games that shouldn't go unnoticed.

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