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ea single player tweet

EA says single player games are 'really, really important' after controversy

Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA has enthused about single player games in a recent earnings call.

mods the sims 4 game

EA rules all Sims 4 mods must be available 'in full for free'

Going forward, all Sims 4 mods must eventually be available for free to the general public.

fifa 23 game new features modes women's clubs

Everything new we just learned about FIFA 23

Here's every new feature in FIFA 23, and what to expect from the final game in the long-running franchise.

sims 4 high school years features

Every new feature coming to The Sims 4: High School Years

The Sims 4: High School Years is set to shake up teen life in a major way.

ea single player tweet

EA tweet about single player games causes company turmoil

An official tweet implying it's bad to only play single player games has sparked outrage at EA.

Skate 4

Play Skate 4 as an early playtester, and you can help shape the game

The developers of Skate 4 are inviting players to help playtest and provide feedback on the game while it's in…

sims 4 high school years expansion pack

The Sims 4: High School Years officially confirmed for July

The Sims 4: High School Years introduces new social media tools, prom, and plenty of teenage antics.

ea pride month statement

EA releases Pride Month statement following backlash

EA has finally released a statement in support of Pride following a strange period of silence and controversy.

fifa 23 financial report

Everything we learned from the latest EA financial report

The latest EA financial report has revealed major growth in net bookings, and future plans for the gaming calendar.

fifa ea

EA backs down on NFT push after calling them 'the future'

Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, has claimed the company is not 'driving hard' on NFTs.

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