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rise of the ronin preview

Rise of the Ronin preview – The road is long

Rise of the Ronin impresses in its first two hours, thanks to sleek combat and a vast open world.

marvel's spider-man 2 multiplayer co-op game

Footage from an unreleased multiplayer Spider-Man game leaks online

Spider-Man: The Great Web has been revealed in a newly-leaked trailer.

cowboy bebop overwatch 2 crossover

Overwatch 2 is getting Cowboy Bebop crossover skins

Cassidy, Ashe, Mauga, Sombra, and Wrecking Ball are set to rock new Cowboy Bebop threads in future.

shawn layden playstation console exclusivity

Former PlayStation boss says console exclusivity is a weakness for costly games

Shawn Layden has described console exclusivity as the "achilles heel" of video games that cost more than USD $200 million.

PlayStation Portal
Reviews - Hardware

One month with the PlayStation Portal – Great for couples, perhaps not your overnight bag

There's a lot of bonuses to the PlayStation Portal (especially on TV nights).

wholesome direct game showcase

Wholesome Direct game showcase returns this June

The cosiest game showcase of the bunch is officially returning in June 2024.

multiversus game return

MultiVersus officially returns in May 2024

MultiVersus is bringing new modes, characters, and more with its return.

dragon's dogma 2 bug fixes issues

Dragon's Dogma 2 players are using its character creator for good and evil

Timothée Chalamet, Bully Maguire, and more have already debuted in the world of Dragon's Dogma 2.

deviation games playstation shut down

Deviation Games shut down before releasing its debut PlayStation game

Deviation Games, a AAA studio formed by Call of Duty veterans, has been shut down, despite being backed by PlayStation.

wwe 2k24 review

WWE 2K24 review – Grappling with greatness

WWE 2K24 is a leap up from WWE 2K23, with solid improvements and additions across the board.

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