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Microsoft's Copilot AI will pinch game guides to help PC and Xbox players

Microsoft has revealed its Copilot AI will be able to "help" players complete tasks in games.

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Game developers have 'a real hunger' for generative AI, says EA CEO

EA CEO Andrew Wilson has claimed more than 50% of EA's development processes will be impacted by AI.

Image: SAG-AFTRA video games logo

SAG-AFTRA could strike against the games industry soon

Contract negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and major video game companies have reportedly broken down.

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SAGE 2024: How will video games change in the future?

At SAGE 2024, developers and games industry advocates discussed the future of video games, in light of technology change.

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GDC State of the Industry report highlights layoffs and generative AI concerns

A new GDC report has highlighted a growing number of concerns within the global games industry.

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Samsung Galaxy S24 series includes wild AI features, and focus on gaming performance

The new Samsung Galaxy S24s boast wild new lifestyle and gaming-oriented features.

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Nintendo was "not involved" with AI Mario spotted at CES 2024

An off-model Mario powered by artificial intelligence appeared at CES 2024 – but it was not a Nintendo product.

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Voice actors speak out against SAG-AFTRA deal with AI voiceover company

SAG-AFTRA claims the deal was approved by "affected members of the union's voiceover performer community."

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Valve announces new disclosure rules for AI content in Steam games

Developers will now be required to detail any use of AI in games, and confirm it is legal use.

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SAG-AFTRA pens deal with AI voiceover studio for video game work

SAG-AFTRA has announced a deal with Replica Studios that sets out provisions for AI voice work in video games.

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