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Miasma Chronicles Review

Miasma Chronicles Review

Tightly-constructed turn-based tactical combat encounters are held back by clumsy character work and world-building.

lego 2k drive game

Lego 2K Drive review – A rocket-fueled blast

Lego 2K Drive is a thrilling, rocket-powered blast in more ways than one.

Honkai Star Rail Review

Honkai: Star Rail Review - A Starry Adventure

An engaging combat system, fantastic visuals, great writing, and loads of personality make Honkai: Star Rail shine.

redfall game combat story setting characters open world

Redfall review - A Hesitant Hunt

Redfall weaves a gorgeous supernatural mystery through basic mission-based gameplay.

star wars jedi survivor review

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Review - The Star Wars Game We Needed

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a breakneck sci-fi epic grounded by a deftly-written main cast.

Dead Island 2 Review

Dead Island 2 Review - Sun-drenched Gore

Dambuster's zombie action game is a satisfying, perpetual cycle of gory combat, set in sunny surroundings that are just inviting…

Humanity Game Review Enhance THA Limited

Humanity makes you feel like an idiot, and a god

A aesthetically striking and mentally challenging puzzle game, filled with twists, turns, and big philosophical questions.

Shadows of Doubt Game

Shadows of Doubt is one of the most astounding games of 2023

Even in its early access state, Shadows of Doubt reaches some ambitious highs for both procedural generation and the immersive…

varney lake game review lcb studio

Varney Lake review – Stranger things are afoot

Varney Lake is a tense coming of age story that grips with pixel precision.

Lunark game review Canari Games Wayforward

Lunark Review

Lunark is a pleasing flashback to the cinematic platformer, where lifelike animation takes priority, and each step needs to be…

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