Ubisoft France workers encouraged to strike over low wage increases

A one-day strike has been called for 14 February, in an effort to protest lowball wage increases.
ubisoft strike unions february 2024

Two of France’s largest video game unions are calling on the workers of Ubisoft France to strike over low wage increases delivered in the latest studio contracts. Le Syndicat des Travailleurs et Travailleuses du Jeu Vidéo (STJV) and Solidaires Informatique are leading the charge, organising a one-day strike for all Ubisoft France employees on 14 February.

According to the campaign, surfaced by PC Gamer and Game Developer, the strike is designed to call for a general wage increase of 5%, to account for the high rate of inflation. In its reasoning, the unions have outlined that Ubisoft reported strong financial results in its last quarter – thanks to the efforts of its employees – and firmly stated that Ubisoft employees should not suffer for the company to hit “arbitrary cost reduction targets.”

“A company that still makes a profit, even when its execs have failed repeatedly, choosing to have its employees pay to increase its profits is plainly unacceptable,” STJV said.

Solidaires Informatique further stated that “employees deserve real raises, not crumbs from the bosses.” It also shared a belief that low wage increases of 2-3% were designed to encourage “natural attrition” from employees.

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The call for a strike was delivered earlier in February 2024, with the intention of calling it off in the event that union demands were met. After several weeks, it appears no progress has been made – so the strike will now take place as planned.

“We cannot tolerate being treated as expendable to mitigate their bad decisions,” the event leaflet said, as shared by PC Gamer. “Let’s take advantage of the day traditionally dedicated to passion to let our employer know that our vocation for this profession is not a pretext for treating us like furniture.”

Those who choose to strike for fairer wage increases will be protected under French labour laws, with no opportunity for retribution. STJV and Solidaires Informatique have encouraged every eligible Ubisoft France employee to take part in the strike action, to send a stronger message to Ubisoft management.

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