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Skull and Bones gets new closed beta in August 2023

Skull and Bones is setting sail once again via a new closed beta for select players.
skull and bones game closed beta

Ubisoft is hosting yet another Skull and Bones closed beta test from 25-28 August 2023, with select players set to hoist sails on PC shortly. The closed beta remains invite-only for players who join the Ubisoft Insider Program – but notably, there will be no NDA or streaming restrictions for access, so we should get a good look at everything on offer.

This beta will feature a fresh look at the game’s exploration and contract system, with the focus of this portion being on the Red Isle, and the coast of Africa. Players will meet John Scurlock, a local Kingpin, and then set off to craft ships, nab weapons and loot, and eventually meet various in-game factions with their own hidden goals and agendas. Players will need to balance the opportunity for riches with wise decisions – or crew mutiny is a distinct possibility.

A variety of main campaign contracts will be available during the latest Skull and Bones beta, with each completed contract adding to infamy on the road to becoming a feared pirate.

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Those who participate in the closed beta will gain access to a variety of rewards along the way, including a welcome firework pack, a ‘Spoken For’ emote, and the Pioneer ship vanity set, which includes special sail and hull colours, a sail pattern, a ship emblem, and a ship plate.

How to join the Skull and Bones closed beta in August 2023

As mentioned, the latest Skull and Bones closed beta launching on 25 August 2023 is invite-only for PC players on Ubisoft Connect – but you can still apply to join, ahead of the test launch. Everyone who joins the Ubisoft Insider Program via the Ubisoft website has a chance to nab an invite, with a range of players typically allowed in for testing.

Invites for the Skull and Bones closed beta do appear to be limited, and Ubisoft is reportedly ‘carefully selecting’ players to gain widespread feedback. ‘For now we’re keeping the group of participants relatively small,’ the developer said. ‘It’s important for us to ensure we do things carefully, and set things up in a way that allows us to fully understand the feedback we receive.’

For the best chance of nabbing an invite, players should sign up to the Insider Program, and ensure their PC matches the Skull and Bones specifications. At a minimum, PCs are required to sport an Intel Core i7-4790, AMD Ryzen 5 1600, or better processor, and a video card of at least NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (6 GB) or AMD Radeon RX 570 (8 GB) standard.

To find out more about the latest Skull and Bones closed beta, head to the Ubisoft website. Currently, Skull and Bones does not have a firm release date, although it’s likely to arrive by 2024.

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