RuneScape developer Jagex purchased by private equity firms

RuneScape developer Jagex is being acquired yet again.
runescape jagex acquisition

RuneScape developer Jagex is being acquired yet again, with the company set to be purchased by private equity firms CVC Capital Partners and Haveli Investments for a reported sum of £900 million (AUD $1.7 million). Notably, Jagex was only purchased by its current owner, Carlyle Group, in 2021 – but with resource investments and its own internal acquisitions, it was able to grow the studio and its capabilities.

Per a press release from CVC and Haveli, Jagex is now “very well-positioned to continue in its mission of creating new and innovative player experiences” as “one of the most successful British game studios.” It’s expected the new studio ownership will continue to invest in its success, with a focus on renewed growth.

“Jagex has transformed significantly in recent years thanks to the hard work of our entire team as well as the insight and expertise we have leveraged through our partnership with Carlyle,” Phil Mansell, chief executive of Jagex said. “The video gaming sector has huge potential, and with CVC and Haveli’s support, I am confident that we can continue to enhance our platform for the good of both our existing valued gamers and potential new gamers yet to experience our products.”

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In his statement, Mansell described CVC and Haveli as “experienced, global financial sponsors,” positioning the companies as essential capital investors that will aid RuneScape in its current phase of development.

As noted by Game Developer, RuneScape has maintained a steady player base across multiple decades, and currently boasts 2.4 million active subscribers and 1 million free-to-play users across the newer version of RuneScape and its Old School classic counterpart. It’s clear the longevity of the game has buoyed interest in the brand, with a string of recent investors capitalising on its potential and working on its overall growth.

Given Jagex’s history with mergers and acquisitions and its “hot potato” status, it’s unknown how long CVC and Haveli will hold onto the studio – but for now, it appears they’re next in line to buoy the ever-growing, long-lasting game.

“We are huge fans of the RuneScape games, the large global community of players, and the Games-as-a-Service capability at Jagex,” Nick Clarry, Managing Partner and Head of CVC’s Sports, Media and Entertainment team said.

“Our ambition is to bring relevant experience from our sports, media & entertainment assets to help realise the full potential of Jagex over the years ahead. This will involve continuing to improve the existing RuneScape games, the accessibility to games on various platforms, and reinvesting into new IP content to create the exciting games of tomorrow.”

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