New Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer reveals a sprawling adventure

A brand new trailer has revealed more Pokemon, more allies, and more enemies.
pokemon scarlet violet

A brand new trailer for upcoming adventures Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet has revealed sweeping vistas, brand new enemies, a host of new Pokemon, and plenty of intrigue. It appears these sequels will be much grander than the Pokemon games of the past, with bigger and more frantic battles, and a wider open world to roam through.

The focus of the trailer was on adventures through rocky mountain regions, with Klawf, a brand new ‘Stony Cliff Titan’ Pokemon being introduced as a major obstacle on your quest through Paldea. This crab-like Pokemon is one of many beasts you’ll encounter in your travels.

But it won’t be the only threat to your rise through the Pokemon ranks.

In your journey, you’ll face off with a range of Pokemon fighters – including a number of gym leaders across the region, and on Victory Road. One of these is Geeta, the chairwoman of the entire Pokemon League. Another is Brassius, the grass-type gym leader, who uses Smoliv and Sudowoodo to fight. Both leaders will be formidable foes to contend with on your journey.

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The new trailer also seemingly revealed some of the game’s main villains – Team Star – who happen to be students at your Pokemon academy. Mela, boss of Team Star’s fire crew, is a flame-haired rebel with fabulous boots who drives a giant war machine into battle. Her primary Pokemon is Torkoal, and she appears to lead a pack of school grunts.

Luckily, you won’t be alone against these enemies. As you travel through grassy plains and mountain regions, you’ll be joined by Arven and Nemona, two of your friends from school. They’ll join you on your travels, and help you overcome various challenges.

At the conclusion of the trailer, two new Pokemon were also revealed: Ceruledge, the Fire Blades Pokemon, and Armarouge, the Fire Warrior Pokemon. Only one will appear in each version of the game, and they’ll both be rare catches.

Following the launch of the new trailer, Nintendo also announced that the game will be getting a special companion Switch OLED Model, adorned with the game’s crests and various Pokemon.

pokemon oled model switch
Image: Nintendo

This version of the console is set to release on 4 November 2022, ahead of the game.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will launch for Nintendo Switch on 18 November 2022.

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