Pokemon Concierge: Season 2 is on the way

New episodes of Pokemon Concierge are officially in development.
pokemon concierge season 2

New episodes of Pokemon Concierge are officially in development at Netflix, the streamer recently confirmed on Twitter / X. While not much more is known, it appears the first four bite-sized episodes of the series garnered enough attention and acclaim for a well-deserved return.

The show debuted in late 2023, and delivered a cosy slice of paradise for Pokemon fans. Within the loose story, a young woman named Haru (voiced by Karen Fukuhara) begins working at a resort for Pokemon and learns to let go of her life anxieties, with friends by her side. Each 15-minute episode introduces a new challenge for Haru to overcome, and new Pokemon to befriend – the cutest and most memorable of which is a Magikarp who uses a floatie to swim.

The cosy tone of the first series is aided by pleasant, breezy storytelling, and a lovely stop motion animation style which brings the world of Pokemon to life with a real sense of charm.

According to series director Iku Ogawa, upcoming episodes will expand the core tenet of the show, and potentially introduce new Pokemon friends.

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“I am happy to let you know that we are now working on the new episodes for Pokemon Concierge!” Ogawa recently told Variety. “Life at the Pokémon Resort continues. Please look forward to it! Let’s see which Pokémon will come visit as a guest this time!”

For now, there are few details about the upcoming second season of the show – but it’s a real delight to see new episodes heading into production, regardless. Pokemon Concierge is an adorable little series, and one that feels like a salve to the high tension, high pressure reality of everyday living.

We could all do with a bit more relaxation in our lives, and there’s hope the upcoming next season of Pokemon Concierge will deliver it. Keep an eye out for more news.

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