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Owlboy creators reveal new game, Vikings on Trampolines

D-Pad Studios’ latest game – Vikings on Trampolines, is a bouncing, brawling platform fighter for you and up to three friends.
Vikings on Trampolines Cover Image

Vikings on Trampolines, the latest title by Owlboy developer D-Pad Studios, has been revealed with a trailer, showing off its gameplay, as well as various modes and stages. You and up to three others will be able to play together, trying to stay on trampolines while pushing your opponents off the stage– whether that be the game’s enemies, or the other players. 

The game retains the detailed, signature pixel art style from D-Pad’s previous games, and features an adventure mode that sees players take on an army of balloons, led by ‘the bad Balloonie’, through a variety of challenges and bosses – one of which is a horrifying giant whale.

>Vikings On Trampolines Boss Fight
Image: D-Pad Studios

Vikings on Trampolines also has a versus mode that can be played against friends – with a variety of stages, items and unlockable game modes, likely similar to other party platform fighters. The video also shows glimpses of Mario Party-like soccer and flying minigames that mix up the gameplay.

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While the game is confirmed to support up to 4 players for couch co-op and remote play, Vikings on Trampolines doesn’t seem to have any online multiplayer, at least not one that’s been announced at the moment. The game will have full controller support, as well as an accessible control scheme allowing you to use only one hand.

The Norwegian studio’s previous game, Owlboy, was an adventure-platformer notable for its considerable development cycle – running almost a decade long. Upon release, Owlboy was well received, and nominated for a range of awards – including the New York Game Awards game of the year. Considering D-Pad Studios’ history, players should be able to expect a well-polished and responsive platforming experience in Vikings on Trampolines.

While there isn’t an official release date for Vikings on Trampolines just yet, the game is already available for wishlist on Steam and has its own official website. Hopefully, we get our hands on Vikings on Trampolines following this announcement sooner, rather than later.

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