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Blizzard is investigating a major Overwatch 2 bug that shuts down PCs

Blizzard is currently working to address a range of issues with Overwatch 2 – including a PC-breaking bug.
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Blizzard is currently locked in a frantic game of Whac-A-Mole as it attempts to corral bugs and issues in the newly launched Overwatch 2. This process recently saw heroes Bastion and Torbjörn removed from the game, but the headaches are far from over – as the latest reported bug is the most serious of the lot.

According to swathes of players, Overwatch 2 is actually shutting down their PCs, or forcing them into a restart. This isn’t simply a matter of the game closing – it’s taking the entire PC system down with it. In one instance, a player has reported this process as tripping the breaker for their entire house.

The reports are now being investigated by Blizzard, which took to Twitter to announce a likely fix for the future.

‘We are currently investigating an issue with computers restarting or shutting down while playing Overwatch 2,’ Blizzard announced. It encouraged players facing the issue to help out with the investigation on the game’s online forums.

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Reports littering this forum include tales of PCs overheating, completely shutting down, or showing the notorious Blue Screen of Death. These issues appear to crop up when players are sitting in the game queue, although some players are reporting it happening as the game launches, too.

According to an official response posted on Thursday, the issue could stem from an antivirus program, 360 Total Security, which reportedly causes issues with shut down and restarts when playing the game – although this is not a sure solution.

A complete fix has not been announced yet but as the investigation continues, expect Blizzard to announce an update or other solution on its Twitter page. The company is currently working to address a number of major bugs following a rocky launch for the game, and there’s hope stability arrives in future.

If you’re currently having trouble accessing Overwatch 2, your best point of call is the ongoing discussion in the Technical Support tab of the Blizzard game forums.

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