Dead Island 2 developers announce two new story expansions

Two new story expansions have been announced for the first-person zombie slaying adventure set in Los Angeles.
Dead Island 2 DLC expansion pass

Dead Island 2 developer Dambuster Studios and publisher Deep Silver have announced post-launch content plans for the game, which include two story expansions and several smaller cosmetic additions.

The first story expansion is called Haus, and will seemingly focus on an extravagant new locale. The description reads: ‘How does a billionaire prepare for the zompocalypse? A techno-death cult with a healthy splash of debauchery and gore!’

Haus will be released sometime in the fourth calendar quarter (October-December) of 2023.

The second story expansion is called SOLA Festival, which appears to revolve around a Californian music festival in the vein of Coachella or other similar events. The official description reads: ‘Welcome to the SOLA festival, where LA’s party people can greenwash their way to ecstasy and save the planet, one rave at a time. So L.A! SOLA Festival,’

SOLA Festival will be released sometime in the second calendar quarter (April-June) of 2024.

Both Haus and SOLA Festival will be included as part of the Dead Island 2 Expansion Pass.

In addition, it was announced that two character costume packs, the ‘Premium Character Packs’ and the ‘”Til Dawn” Collection’, are now available. They include several new costumes for the game’s six protagonists.

While the Premium Character Pack costumes are paid content – though some costumes are included with special versions of Dead Island 2 – the Til Dawn collection will be free for all players.

In addition, a ‘From Dusk‘ collection will be made available from 15 June 2023 until 13 July 2023 for Amazon Prime members.

In the GamesHub review of Dead Island 2, we were taken by its strong melee combat systems, which continued to be engaging throughout its runtime, and its vibrant recreation of Los Angeles neighbourhoods, which outshone its sometimes grating sense of humour.

‘By the end, it leaves you teetering on that precipice between wanting a little more and feeling satisfied enough. And that’s a good place to be,’ we wrote.

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