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Untitled Goose Game developers reveal ‘Big Walk’

Big Walk is a cooperative exploration and puzzle game from Australian studio House House.
Big Walk

House House, the Australian studio behind the cultural phenomenon Untitled Goose Game, has revealed its new game, Big Walk, at The Game Awards 2023.

Set on an island filled with flora and fauna from the Australian wilderness, it features cooperative exploration, puzzle solving, and, well… big walks. It’s arriving sometime in 2025, though no platforms have been confirmed at this stage.

The new House House game will once again be published by Panic, publishers of Untitled Goose Game and the Playdate handheld, a continuing collaboration that was announced earlier in 2023.

The official description for Big Walk reads:

“Set on an island covered in Australian bushland, the cooperative online multiplayer game will set you and your friends free to explore and solve a variety of puzzles and challenges testing your ability to communicate as a group.”

In a provided statement, developer Jake Strasser of House House remarked that “our favourite part of playing online coop games is when they give you enough direction for the group to keep up a good momentum, but it’s relaxed enough that you’re mostly just able to enjoy spending time with your friends.”

“We hope Big Walk gives players that direction, and space, to focus on and enjoy those group dynamics, whether you’re playing with one friend or as a big group.”

The game will feature proximity voice chat, with the landscape being inspired by Wilsons Promontory National Park in Victoria.

You can wishlist Big Walk on Steam.

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