Amazon’s Fallout TV series locks in April 2024 launch date

Amazon has finally confirmed Fallout will begin streaming in April 2024.
amazon fallout tv show

Amazon has confirmed its long-awaited Fallout TV adaptation will finally air from 12 April 2024 via Amazon Prime Video. At this stage, it’s unclear how many episodes the show will contain and whether they’ll air on a weekly schedule, but regardless, there’s plenty of reason to look forward to the show.

For one thing, having talented names like Walton Goggins (Justified), Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks), Ella Purnell (Yellowjackets) and Sarita Choudhury (The Green Knight) on board is a positive sign – but even beyond that, there’s plenty of hope.

Brief glimpses at the action, including cheeky set photos, have revealed a significant attention to detail and care for the Fallout game franchise in this adaptation, with sets sharing much in common with their video game counterparts.

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In announcing the show’s debut date, Amazon has also confirmed a few new details, beyond what we already know – notably, that the show’s “original story” will be set in a post-apocalyptic version of Los Angeles and that it will be considered “canon” to the game franchise.

While the teaser trailer for this release date is fairly slim, and only features a look at a glowing green Pip Boy character, we expect Amazon is gearing up for a meatier look at the upcoming TV show shortly.

An official first trailer was shown quietly at Gamescom 2023, with leaked footage shared online revealing ghouls, T-45 Power Armour, nuclear weapons, and a grim wasteland. We’re likely to see this trailer officially revealed in some capacity within the next few months.

Here’s to hoping Fallout can continue a welcome streak of recent, strong video game adaptations, following in the footsteps of The Last of Us, Twisted Metal, and other champions.

You can look forward to Fallout debuting on Amazon Prime Video on 12 April 2024.

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