Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown – How to access The Tower of Silence

Here's how to enter the Tower of Silence on your way to find the Key of Kings in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.
prince of persia the lost crown tower of silence guide

The road is long in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, and you’ll take plenty of lumps and bruises along the way. To streamline your journey through Persia, and ensure you’re finding every secret hiding in cracks and crevices on your path to glory, you may need a helping hand.

Towards the endgame, more challenging platforming puzzles will present themselves, with the Father and Son subquest Find the Key of Kings in the Tower of Silence presenting a particular obstacle in our playthrough – as the Tower of Silence is a tricky location to find, with plenty of dead ends around the entrance.

If you’re looking to save yourself a bit of time, there is a trick to finding the Tower of Silence – although this knowledge was earned by scrambling through various tunnels, clawing at every wall, searching for an answer.

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Here’s the thing: the Tower of Silence looks like it would be accessible to the right of the upper-rightmost Celestial Guardian. When you first approach the Tower, however, this way is blocked. What you need to do is head down into the lower bowels of the Upper City (the violet hued area), then down to the Lower City (the beige hued area), and then head right into the Hyrcanian Forest (turquoise hued area).

prince of persia tower of silence lost crown
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You can also Fast Travel to the Soma Tree for easy access, if you’ve unlocked the area. This is the closest Fast Travel point to the entrance to the Tower of Silence.

From the Soma Tree, head upwards, taking the leftmost path and making use of your unlocked abilities to surmount each platforming obstacle. Eventually, you will reach a glowing cavern with a long chute above you. As long as you’ve unlocked the ability to double jump, you will be able to head up this chute, and enter a relatively linear pathway to the Tower of Silence.

prince of persia the lost crown tower of silence guide
Screenshot: GamesHub

While you will need to deploy all your platforming skills to leap up the mountainside and enter the Tower of Silence (and avoid getting oozed by wandering bugs), this pathway isn’t too challenging with the double jump and glide abilities.

Once in you’re in the Tower of Silence, the pathway forward is fairly clear – and you can move onwards with confidence, towards the endgame.

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