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PS5 DualSense Edge wireless controller

DualSense Edge PS5 controller review

The PS5 DualSense Edge controller is a strong customisable 'pro' controller, but it feels like there's a lot missing, considering…

upcoming comic book video games

Every major Marvel and DC video game in development

Marvel and DC are set to conquer the world of video games in 2023 and beyond.

marvel's wolverine game

Marvel's Wolverine game could be out in late 2024

Marvel's Wolverine will also reportedly take place before the hero joins the X-Men.

knockout city game shut down

Knockout City will shut down in June 2023

Knockout City is throwing its last dodgeball in June 2023, as service for the game ends.

ps5 ps4 monthly active users

Sony says 30% of active PS5 users never owned a PS4

New financial results from Sony have revealed that many PS5 users are new fans of PlayStation.

the day before fntastic

The Day Before gets baffling 10-minute-long gameplay trailer

Fntastic's The Day Before is certainly real – but so far, it looks to be more walking simulator than zombie…

back 4 blood game ends development

Back 4 Blood content will cease, as Turtle Rock shifts focus

The developer recently confirmed the game's December expansion would be the final nail in the coffin.

A variable refresh rate monitor

PS5 VRR - What is Variable Refresh Rate and how do you use it?

If you have a high-end TV to go with your PS5, you can now improve the consistency of your image…

Discord ps5 integration

Discord voice chat is finally coming to PS5

The latest update for PS5 consoles will include Discord integration, Sony has confirmed.

Meta Quest Pro VR metaverse

Meta lost $14 billion on VR and metaverse projects in 2022

Meta has once again reported a significant operating loss in its VR division, which also includes the company's metaverse work.

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