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Could you hurt a virtual animal?

Is violence against virtual animals an ethical issue?

Players can kill, hunt or hurt animals in popular games ranging from Animal Crossing to Grand Theft Auto. The rise…

hollow knight xbox game pass

Australian games industry: one step closer to rebates and sustainability

A sustainable Australian video game industry? Production rebates are a small, important step.

night in the woods
Opinions & Analysis

Night in the Woods captures bittersweet millennial life under COVID-19

Through protagonist Mae, videogame Night in the Woods asks: what will the future hold, if we can’t possibly go back…

best friend forever

Best Friend Forever and the emotional cost of release day

In this excerpt from her longer article, studio and creative director Lucy Morris details the emotional cost of launching Starcolt's…


What can Freeplay, the world's oldest games festival, teach the arts about survival?

Freeplay independent games festival has survived for over sixteen years. The past and present directors share the lessons they have…

Career Advice

Ask the mentor: should I worry about lack of formal training?

Media Mentor Esther Coleman-Hawkins answers your career questions with brisk no-nonsense advice for screen professionals.

Opinions & Analysis

Video game violence is not the problem – the real world that inspires it is

Intensely violent games = mayhem in the real world. Debunking an argument that will not go away.


Review: Game Masters, National Film and Sound Archive (ACT)

ACMI’s popular interactive exhibition comes to Canberra, showcasing the diversity and creativity of games.

untitled goose game preserved

What one horrible goose can teach us about investing in games

Untitled Goose Game is a runaway hit – but it could never have gotten off the ground without proper funding,…

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