Leah Williams joins GamesHub

Leah Williams brings years of experience in games media to help get GamesHub started on a journey to discover all that games can be.
Leah Williams

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since we launched GamesHub. After booting up the site for all to see, we dove straight into Melbourne International Games Week 2021 where we, among other things:

Now that we’ve had a little bit of time to recover, we’re ready to announce that…

Leah Williams will be joining the GamesHub team to help guide us on a journey to discover all that games can be.

Leah joins us from Kotaku Australia where she’s written a ton of delightful articles over the years. Everything from how local game developers were coping with COVID to the lonely but rewarding world of solo games development. And, of course, she’s very much into exploring weird niches and interesting games history, like her uncanny obsession with the Sims 2 handheld games.

Here’s Leah: ‘The games industry has changed rapidly over the last two years, for so many reasons – but the coronavirus era has really cemented how powerful and transformative games can be. I’m excited to learn and share more about the industry through GamesHub, and to reshape the idea of what games can do for all of us.’

Please join me in welcoming Leah Williams by following her on Twitter and asking her about what the deal is with The Sims 2 on Nintendo DS is.

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