Every major Gamescom 2022 showcase you should watch

The full Gamescom 2022 schedule is now live. Here's what's on, and when you'll be able to tune in around the world.
gamescom returns in person

Gamescom 2022 is set to kick off on 23 August 2022, with a week of developer talks, game reveals, and special showcases planned. The Gamescom Opening Night Live presentation is a Geoff Keighley-hosted affair that’s usually worth tuning in for, and there may be some surprises given this is one of gaming’s weirdest years yet.

The full schedule for the show is now available, with times and dates detailed for panels including the Xbox Booth Live, the Future Games Show, and IGN’s Awesome Indies showcase.

Here’s what you can watch as an online guest, and when you can tune in:

Opening Night Live – Gamescom 2022

Opening Night Live is set to air on Wednesday, 24 August at the following times:

  • Australia – 4:00 am AEST | 3:30 am ACST | 2:00 am AWST
  • United Kingdom – 8:00 pm CET | 7:00 pm BST
  • United States – 11:00 am PT | 2:00 pm ET

Opening Night Live is a major showcase that spotlights new game announcements, gameplay reveals, trailers, and other tidbits. It’s hosted by Geoff Keighley, and is similar to The Game Awards.

Future Games Show – Gamescom 2022

The Future Games Show will air at Gamescom 2022 on 24-25 August at the following times:

  • Australia – 4:00 am AEST | 3:30 am ACST | 2:00 AWST (25 August)
  • United Kingdom – 8:00 pm CET | 7:00 pm BST (24 August)
  • United States – 11:00 am PT | 2:00 pm ET (24 August)

This showcase will feature a range of new trailers, game announcements, and other fun news.

Xbox Booth Live – Gamescom 20222

Xbox will host ‘Xbox Booth Live’ at Gamescom 2022, with plans for the showcase to include conversations around titles like Microsoft Flight Simulator, Sea of Thieves, Age of Empires IV and more. It will air on 25-26 August at the following times:

  • Australia – 11:00 pm AEST (25 August) – 4:00 am AEST (26 August) | 10:30 pm (25 August) – 3:00 am ACST (26 August) | 9:00 pm AWST (25 August) – 2:00 am AWST (26 August)
  • United Kingdom – 2:00 pm CET – 8:00 pm CET | 1:00 pm BST – 7:00 pm BST (25 August)
  • United States – 8:00 am ET – 2:00 pm ET | 5:00 am PT – 11:00 am PT (25 August)

Expect developer interviews, insights into upcoming Xbox games, and plenty of good banter.

Awesome Indies Show – Gamescom 2022

IGN will showcase a range of upcoming and anticipated indie games during this show, which will air on Friday, August 26 at the following times:

  • Australia – 1:30 am AEST | 1:00 am ACST | 11:30 pm AWST
  • United Kingdom – 5:30 pm CET | 4:30 pm BST
  • United States – 8:30 am PT | 11:30 am ET

No games have been confirmed for this show yet, but there should be some wholesome, delightful, and adventurous surprises.

Gamescom 2022 takes place from 23-28 August 2022. While it has returned to an in-person event, there’ll be plenty of online activities and showcases to jump into.

Leah J. Williams is a gaming and entertainment journalist who's spent years writing about the games industry, her love for The Sims 2 on Nintendo DS and every piece of weird history she knows. You can find her tweeting @legenette most days.