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avowed obsidian entertainment interview

How Avowed builds on Obsidian Entertainment's legacy – Interview

Avowed is an adventure built from years of experience, and plenty of fresh blood.

avowed gameplay

Obsidian releases deep dive into Avowed gameplay

A new 25-minute showcase has revealed more about the upcoming game, and how it spins out of Pillars of Eternity.

avowed rpg adventure game

Obsidian's Avowed was originally designed for multiplayer co-op

According to Obsidian Entertainment founder Feargus Urquhart, the idea was more appealing to publishers.

fallout new vegas external third party developers bethesda

Fallout: New Vegas remaster has Obsidian's full support

Players have long clamoured for a Fallout: New Vegas remaster – and now, Obsidian has joined the cacophony.

Pentiment interview with Hannah Kennedy Art Director at Obsidian Entertainment

Pentiment's Art Director talks about creating a striking style, and delicious food

Hannah Kennedy talks about the tight-knit creation of Pentiment, and how they arrived at such a unique visual identity.

Pentiment game review xbox pc

Pentiment review - Making history

Pentiment is a sophisticated work of historical fiction, an adventure steeped in conscientious period detail, with a setting that feels…


Pentiment would not have existed without Xbox Game Pass, says Obsidian

It's an exciting new experimental narrative adventure from a celebrated studio. But only Microsoft could make it happen.


Obsidian reveals Pentiment, a medieval narrative game

Pentiment is a new medieval narrative game from Obsidian that plays out in a ridiculously cool art style.