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playstation stars nfts blockchain games

Sony may be exploring NFTs and blockchain tech

A new patent seems to imply Sony is investigating the usefulness of NFTs and blockchain technologies.

apple app store

Apple tightens rules for apps with NFTs and crypto

A new App Store policy has tightened restrictions on NFTs and cryptocurrencies in apps.

voxverse game will wright blockchain

New game from The Sims and SimCity creator will include US $1,300 NFTs

VoxVerse is a blockchain-based game that features integration with US $1,300 NFT characters.

konami square enix nfts

Konami is expanding its plans for NFTs and the metaverse

Konami is currently recruiting for a wide range of talent that will focus on Web3 development.

ghost recon breakpoint game nfts

Ubisoft CEO claims NFT launches were simply 'research'

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has described a move away from NFTs and blockchain in a new interview.

minecraft game nfts mojang

Minecraft NFTs are banned, says developer Mojang

Mojang has claimed NFTs are not something it will support or allow in the current gaming environment.

worms nfts team17 employees

Developer surprises festival attendees with anti-NFT talk

Mark Venturelli's talk was supposed to be on the future of game design, and instead became an anti-NFT rally.

polium one games console

'Polium' NFT game console announced as NFT sales hit all-time low

The Polium One is pitched as the 'first NFT games console' and requires keen players to buy an NFT to…

climate replay anti-nft pledge

Game devs and publishers are signing an anti-NFT pledge

As large studios double down in the NFT space, indie developers and publishers are taking a stance against the technology.

ubisoft nfts quartz digits backlash

NFT sales have reportedly declined 92% since 2021

The daily average NFT sales have reportedly dropped from 225,000 a week in September 2021 to 19,000 per week as…

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