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minecraft game nfts mojang

Minecraft NFTs are banned, says developer Mojang

Mojang has claimed NFTs are not something it will support or allow in the current gaming environment.

worms nfts team17 employees

Developer surprises festival attendees with anti-NFT talk

Mark Venturelli's talk was supposed to be on the future of game design, and instead became an anti-NFT rally.

polium one games console

'Polium' NFT game console announced as NFT sales hit all-time low

The Polium One is pitched as the 'first NFT games console' and requires keen players to buy an NFT to…

climate replay anti-nft pledge

Game devs and publishers are signing an anti-NFT pledge

As large studios double down in the NFT space, indie developers and publishers are taking a stance against the technology.

ubisoft nfts quartz digits backlash

NFT sales have reportedly declined 92% since 2021

The daily average NFT sales have reportedly dropped from 225,000 a week in September 2021 to 19,000 per week as…

Take-Two Strauss Zelnick

Take-Two CEO cold on play-to-earn games, hopeful on NFTs

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has shared his perspective on the current speculative trends in the video game industry. nfts

Indie game platform denounces NFTs as 'scams' has taken a stance against NFTs and confirmed the platform will not support them going forward.

hitpiece nfts

NFT platform HitPiece is selling video game soundtracks without permission

NFT platform HitPiece has been caught selling NFTs for hundreds of music pieces it did not own the rights to.

nft worms team17

Team17 cancels Worms NFT project after developer backlash

Following major outcry from developers, Team17 has withdrawn its support for NFTs.

troy baker voiceverse

Troy Baker backs down from NFT partnership with VoiceVerse

Voice actor Troy Baker has backed down from VoiceVerseNFT following major, ongoing backlash.

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