Meghann O'Neill

Meghann O’Neill is a videogame roustabout, with a patchwork career spanning reviews, composition and education, often all three at the same time. She loves the creativity and cleverness that independent developers bring to the medium, especially in Australia. She’d love you to tell her about your game at @indiegames_muso on Twitter.

Meghann's Latest Articles

Against the Storm

Against the Storm and its compelling, continuous rain

Mikołaj Kurpios explains how he created the immersive music and sound for Against the Storm. 

Toot Games, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Sure

Freeplay’s Micro-Games prove bigger is not always better

Read micro-reviews of all six of Freeplay’s Micro-Game award nominees here. 

Point Click Killer

On Point Click Killer, and Game Making as Cultural Connection

Why do some developers spend so much energy making free jam games? We ask Point Click Killer developer Dace Kelly.

Crash Course Builder @ PAX Aus 2023
Opinions & Analysis

Great games from PAX Aus 2023 that you can play free, right now

PAX Aus 2023 was home to more independent games than ever before. Here are some you can experience in the…

The Master's Pupil Claude Monet game

Puzzling and exploring inside the hand-painted eyeball of Claude Monet

The Master’s Pupil is a work that's entirely hand-painted – half by Claude Monet himself. It’s also a very good…

Adventure Game Jam 2023

Adventure games are alive and well at Adventure Jam 2023

Unwrap this evocative gift of five free beautiful games from Adventure Jam 2023.

Amarantus Review

Amarantus builds agency and replayability into the visual novel

Amarantus is a visual novel that respects your every decision, as you travel with friends on an important mission.

Planet of Lana review key art

Planet of Lana's ominous world is enhanced by an obedient companion

Your cute and obedient companion highlights Planet of Lana, a beautifully dark and charming cinematic platformer.

The Wandering Village City Builders on Creatures

Finding hope in city-building games set on giant creatures

How city building games set on large creatures explore ideas of interconnection and survival.

The Telwynium by Powerhoof

How to deliver a potent game narrative quickly, as demonstrated by 'The Telwynium'

The Telwynium Books 1 & 2, are short, story-heavy adventure games. Creator Dave Lloyd explains his approach to building a…

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