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Chris Button shares his video game highlights of 2021, which include Psychonauts 2.
Opinions & Analysis

The best video game things in 2021, according to Chris Button

Contributor Chris Button shares his video game highlights of 2021, including moments in Hitman 3, Psychonauts 2, and Returnal.

David Wildgoose has spent much of 2021 reevaluating his video game past
Opinions & Analysis

On letting go and reevaluating your video game past in 2021

A lighter game release schedule in 2021 allowed critic David Wildgoose to reevaluate his relationship with old video games.

Chicory had quite the impact on producer Meredith Hall in 2021
Opinions & Analysis

Valheim, Chicory, and TikTok: Reflecting on 2021 with Meredith Hall

Games producer and consultant Meredith Hall reflects on the game that defined her 2021, the impact of TikTok on game…

The inaugural participants of Wordplay, a games writing mentorship from GamesHub and Creative Victoria
Opinions & Analysis

The Best Games of 2021, according to GamesHub's Wordplay cohort

The participants of GamesHub's inaugural games writing mentorship program with Melbourne International Games Week share their picks for the best…

Brendan Keogh's Top 5 Games of 2021
Opinions & Analysis

The Top 5 Games of 2021, according to Brendan Keogh

Some Brisbane-made masterpieces, a couple of console staples, and one cheeky inclusion make up Brendan Keogh's highlights of 2021.

Jini Maxwell's highlights of 2021 included seeing Umurangi Generation get its due
Opinions & Analysis

Jini Maxwell's Games Industry Highlights of 2021

A great year for policy in the Australian video game industry and kudos for Umurangi Generation mark the highlights of…

season's greetings
Company Announcements

Season's greetings from all at GamesHub

GamesHub is powering down for a short break before returning, rebooting, and refreshing in 2022.

Wren Brier, developer of Unpacking, shares her 2021 gaming highlights
Opinions & Analysis

Wren Brier's Top 3 Gaming Highlights of 2021

Wren Brier, the developer of the award-winning game Unpacking, shares her gaming highlights of 2021.

Simon Boxer Ring of Pain Game of the Year 2021
Opinions & Analysis

Simon Boxer's Top 3 Games of 2021

Simon Boxer, the developer of Ring of Pain, shares his Top 3 video games of 2021.

unpacking game of the year 2021

Unpacking is GamesHub's Game of the Year 2021

With a charming gameplay loop and effective storytelling, Unpacking by Witch Beam Games is our Game of the Year for…

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