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destiny 2 the final shape report allegations

Destiny studio Bungie allegedly at risk of losing independence

A new report has alleged there is much riding on Destiny 2: The Final Shape being a blockbuster success.

League of Geeks Solarium Infernum Jumplight Odyssey

League of Geeks initiates significant layoffs, Jumplight Odyssey shelved

A lack of funding has seen the well-known Melbourne game developer cut over half its staff, as it urges fellow…

f1 23 codemasters

EA initiates layoffs at racing game studio, Codemasters

An unknown number of staff have been impacted by significant redundancies at EA's Codemasters.

fae farm preview nintendo switch

Fae Farm developer Phoenix Labs is laying off 34 staff

Phoenix Labs has initiated a second round of layoffs as it prepares to release Fae Farm's first DLC.

unity weta digital layoffs

Unity to lay off 265 staff from Weta Digital division

Unity is planning a major overhaul following a year of significant challenges.

immortals of aveum layoffs studio

Immortals of Aveum director links poor sales and release timing to studio layoffs

Ascendant Studios CEO Bret Robbins has spoken openly about the troubles of the studio, and the nature of creating games.

embracer group coo departure

Embracer Group has laid off 900 staff since June 2023 – and it's not over yet

Embracer Group began its company-wide restructure in June 2023, following the collapse of a major USD $2 billion deal.

humble games layoffs

Humble Games announces significant layoffs

Humble Games reportedly requires a "restructure" to ensure its long-term success.

digital bros 505 games

Digital Bros, parent company of 505 Games, is laying off 30% of its staff

Job cuts are expected to impact both development studios and publishing units.

amazon games layoffs

Amazon cuts over 180 jobs in its gaming division

Amazon is set to shut down parts of its gaming business amidst a major restructure.

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