Most Anticipated Board Games in 2024


Here’s 6 of THE most anticipated board games for 2024

The 7th Citadel

Dive Into Adventure

With the following adventure and RPG board games coming in 2024

The Dark Quarter


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A sequel to the popular "The 7th Continent. Play as a wanderer discovering a post-apocalyptic, medieval fantasy world filled with danger

The 7th Citadel

What we love: Very replayable. No two games are the same. Great for playing alone or in a group

fantasy RPG  from the creators of Chronicles of Crime.  play as a detective WORKING TO control the streets of New Orleans as supernatural beings and magical forces gather.

What we love: heavily narrative focused, although it seems to be far more sprawling than its predecessors

The Dark Quarter

Early glimpses at gameplay have revealed it plays out  like Gloomhaven, with plenty of opportunity to explore map tiles, fight enemies, and eventually conquer a sweeping campaign.

What we love: travel through ICONIC GAME LOCATIONS SUCH AS Limgrave and Encounter beloved and hated Elden Ring enemies ALONG THE  way

Elden Ring: The Board Game

Cook Up A Frenzy!


With  THESE FOOD THEMED board games coming in 2024



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Where Adorable Meets Appetising! control a group of food chefs (all cutesy animals) gathering ingredients to create high-star dishes, and impress hungry critics.

What we love: The wonderful artwork. Each dish looks mouth-watering and ADORABLE animal ART STYLE

Critter Kitchen

Become the sushi sensei. place TOGETHER sushi ingredients TO build out set recipes and  line up your ingredient cards correctly and  be  on your way to sushi victory!

What we love: A lighter-touch  perfect for FAMILY friendly gameplay, and chill tabletop gaming sessions.

Maki Master

your job: to embody a cryptid line cook as they set about plating up the perfect, most hideous dishes for hungry customers

What we love:  competitive adventure gameplay. with delightfully gooey, hideous foods defining your journey to the top of the chef ladder.

Cryptid Cafe: The Chef’s Apprentice